COD4: PS3 Map Pack and Double XP Weekend (PS3, 360) Details and Dates Released

The Variety Map Pack on PS3 in North America will be available on Thursday, April 24. European release is scheduled on May 1st. Double XP weekend, for both PS3 and 360 users, will start on April 25 for North American Users, and May 2 for European users.

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chaosatom3333836d ago (Edited 3836d ago )

have anything else to cram in the end of April?

Silvanos3836d ago

I couldn't care less about GTA4, I can't wait to play the new maps.

Science_NERD3831d ago

I am cramming for my finals!!! Buah hah ha ha

Is it double XP weekend for those who buy the map pack or for everyone?

Hey guess what! Parkinsons disease is caused by degeneration of the dopaminergic cells in the substantia nigra of the brain...oh my!

Hagaf223836d ago

yeah, i dont for see me spending 10 bucks on this, with the mgs beta and gta, i wont play this again for a while, and maybe by the time i play it again the maps will be cheaper, way to time things out infinity ward, cant say this was well thought out.

Kleptic3836d ago

agreed...had they come at the beginning of april or earlier, would have been worth it...but not happening for me until after GTAIV is done...which has MGS4 imminent, and the potential for Haze (not sure when I will get that though)...

CoD 4 is I am definitely close to moving on...I am over 8 days in play time now...which is flirting with being one of the most played games ever for me, at least in this timespan...ready for some non fps fun for a while...

Sugaruby333836d ago

OMG Finally, even though killhouse and chinatown has had bad reviews im still getting them just for the sake of getting them, i mean come on, its atleast something new!

drdre743836d ago (Edited 3836d ago )

yeah great timing Sony. I wont be getting it. I'm putting that 10 buck towards GTA and I'll be playing MGS Beta also. Sony dropped the ball on this one. Add some damn RUMBLE also!

jackdoe3836d ago

Sigh. Ignoramuses amuse me. IW is in charge of the rumble and the date that the DLC comes out. NOT Sony. Sigh.

gEnKiE3836d ago

Ok, why are you blaming Sony for this? IW was the ones that decided to keep the 360 map pack exlusive for two weeks.....

Farsendor13836d ago

this was up to infantry ward not sony to release it during this time period. and its also up to infantry ward to create a patch supporting rumble.

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The story is too old to be commented.