TGS: Microsoft on its Vision for Xbox One...

IGN: During an Xbox One platform demo at Tokyo Game Show yesterday, Albert Penello, Microsoft's Sr. Director of Product Management and Planning, was extremely candid about the difficulties of launching a new console in 2013.

When I asked how Microsoft can sell gamers a particular vision of its new system that in many cases won't reflect the reality of what's delivered – i.e. some markets won't have voice recognition at launch, a heap of countries won't have full TV functionality, there will be differences in other services (apps etc) at launch, he had this to say.

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black0o2832d ago (Edited 2832d ago )

MS it's selling vision to the ppl .. and without any insurance that they'll keep that vision u bought without another 180

#epicfail In my opinion

nukeitall2832d ago

or you can stick with a console with NO VISION, that stays with the defacto standard pushing just more pixels.

That is in my opinion #epicfail on both Wii U and PS4. They are practically the same as before. It seems like the next iPhone every year, has more new features.

black0o2832d ago (Edited 2832d ago )

1st of all the Wii U is a fine unique console with it's own thing

2nd that so called vision which took 7 years of R&D ''DRM, always online, always watching u ...etc'' are gone in just weeks

and the new vision at MS is to do what SONY does

eplusr2832d ago (Edited 2832d ago )

Here's the thing with Microsoft for all their billions which make Sony look like a bum standing on the corner begging for money they simply have no sense of taste, style, and understanding of what consumers want.

Examples: Windows 8, Windows Phone, and that long dead joke called the Zune. The day Microsoft gets rid of the dinosaurs beyond just the soon to be retired CEO who dresses like it's still the 90's is the day public perception of them might change for the better as well.

But hey only time will tell they just can't seem to stop shooting themselves in the foot and have no one to blame but themselves apparently they're a company full of masochists.

Hey MICROSOFT here's an idea lower your FN price by $100 and just take the hit to get yourself back in the game that you're losing badly at and it hasn't even started yet. You have zero excuse no to do it considering you've thrown millions if not billions away on Zune, and on Windows Phone.

I want to see you succeed so stop wasting everyones time with failure after epic failure I'm sick to death of it already. At least the Japanese improve upon their mistakes your making America look bad!

4logpc2832d ago

Someone has no idea what they are talking about...

P0werVR2832d ago

Why don't you do your DD before stating irrelevant comments.

christocolus2832d ago

Dude it doesnt have to appeal to everyone ..but it does appeal to the millions who are definitly getting the way there are other options out there ..go get a ps4 if you do not like the one..cos i dont see ms forcing it down consumers throats..buying one is entirely up to you and so far im happy with what theyve done.

eplusr2832d ago (Edited 2832d ago )

I'm getting an Xbox One and a PS4 all paid for and reserved for day one pick up at Best Buy. My opinion is merely as an American Patriot voicing how bad Microsoft makes America look in the eyes of the rest of the world.

Sony is broke and beats Microsoft on price? I wanted to smash my computer when I first read it. They could have crushed that company and instead let them live to fight another day.

At this very moment Sony looks like gaming God's while Microsoft looks like gaming jokes. It irks me to no end which is why I typed up what I did folks already think the U.S. make's junk and Microsoft is an example of the reason why.

I mean are the patients running the asylum over at Microsoft HQ or what? Because unlike other American's who could care less about an American Company succeeding I actually do care but hey what do I know.

Bolts2832d ago

This isn't an American problem. Take a chill pill. Console giants have been know to dig their own graves since the 8 bit days. This goes for all of them, Atari, Sega, Nintendo, Sony and now MS.

Gekko362832d ago


First off, using the word american patriot makes my skin crawl. Citizen, fine, but patriot makes me think of a cretin from the south, a hillbilly or worst yet, an f'ing repulican (bastards to a man I might add).

As for Microsoft I have no issue with them. I sue there server software and they are second to none. That said if you don't like there software don't buy it. It works fine so I'ts more a choice of asthetics over function. I might add that the ms operating system runs rings around apples OSx.

Windows phone 8 is great in my view, so it's more about your opinion of MS rather than their quality.

Don't apologise for MS, they have no need to apologise. They will continue to evolve as time and technology changes and to be honest they do push the boat out quicker and better handles than most of their competitors.

As for Sony, well they're a Japanese company so I have very little interest is their products, policy or companies. I'll alway opt for korean prodcuts.

Chill man!

Soldierone2832d ago

Revenue US$ 72.349 billion (2013)
Operating income US$ 2.448 billion (2013)
Net income US$ 458 million (2013)
Total assets US$ 151.131 billion (2013)
Total equity US$ 28.523 billion (2013)

Revenue $ 77.85 billion (2013)
Operating income US$ 26.76 billion (2013)
Net income US$ 21.86 billion (2013)
Total assets US$ 142.43 billion (2013)
Total equity US$ 78.94 billion (2013)

They are a little closer as of late, and MS only has Xbox to control. People will buy that early on, and they can sell even more with a price cut down the road.

nukeitall2832d ago

Notice that Sony has an income of half a billion, while MS has more than 40 times that for just 2013.

That is of course ignoring, the fact Sony had to sell a building to net that!

There is a reason why MS is worth almost 15 times more than Sony whom is close to their lowest in long history.

Soldierone2831d ago

@Sleepless if you really think I would go through this effort to make up numbers, then so be it. Im not going back to find the source again.

@nukeitall, yeah they sold a building, and just recently bought another building thats ten times bigger..... Probably the only reason Sony's is that much lower is due to two things
1 They don't have a lot of business contracts, or software for business. They do a lot of TV contracts etc... but Windows can be found in offices, schools, everything. Which gives MS more money.

2 They are based in Japan which has a weaker dollar than we do.

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Magicite2832d ago

M$ vision is clear like todays morning fog behind my window...yawn..

fOrlOnhOpe572832d ago

It all comes down to having the right people planning for the longterm goal.
MS obviously got it disasterously wrong.
DRM will be a reality one day but the World just isn't ready for it yet...especially on Microsoft's terms.

Bolts2832d ago (Edited 2832d ago )

With the right carrot people are usually more willing to accept DMR. The problem is MS only offer the stick while offering the little to no details on the carrot.

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