1UP Reviews MLB 2K8 Fantasy All-Stars

1UP writes: "Fantasy All-Stars' handful of goofball power-ups mark it as not-quite-a-simulation: You'll find a ball that clucks like a chicken and hurries away from fielders, players frozen in a block of ice after making contact, and a wall that shoots out of the ground to knock down a sure home run. Better yet, all of the power-ups -- usable before you throw a pitch, swing at one, or while the ball's in play -- come with harebrained sound effects that'll get a giggle out of slapstick-lovers.

The power-ups are matched by an outrageous art style that features stick-thin slap hitters and meaty-topped sluggers with chopsticks for legs. The player models work great, but the zany fields -- set everywhere but a baseball stadium -- don't work nearly as well. Some, including Area 51 and Moonbase, are downright dark, making it tough to see the pitched ball".

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tethered3841d ago

Are the graphics on the DS really that bad?