The Problem With Kickstarter And The Failure of CLANG

Hardcore Gamer: The money provided by loyal fans and backers is now gone, and most of the developers behind the game have taken to find work elsewhere. While terrible news, it's not really the big issue here. We've gone over this; games are very expensive to make, and it's entirely understandable when money dwindles during development. I mean, developers eat too, don't they? The problem is that the $500,000 dollars was never supposed to fund development of the game, and was simply a nice chunk-of-change that the developer required in order to attract a publisher or venture capitalist firm for proper backing.

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Shadowstar2828d ago

So... okay, I feel sorry for the people who backed this game, but are they actually complaining right now? It seems like it's just the blogs going "oh noes, a Kickstarter project didn't produce a game therefore you shouldn't back Kickstarter games."