IGN: Tales of Vesperia Hands-on - We get our hands on yet another JRPG on its way to 360

IGN writes: "In the brief history of the Xbox brand, the Microsoft manufactured consoles have not exactly been the place for Japanese RPGs. That has begun to change, but the introduction of a long running and adored franchise to the audience is still not a thing to be done without care. This is a whole new audience, but Namco Bandai feels confident that this entrant into the Tales series offers something to make new players take a look and packs more content than ever before to entice the old fans into the ride.

Tales of Vesperia takes place in a world controlled by a single empire. This is usually not a good thing and such is the case here. The main character, Yuri, comes from a poor district and is fighting to make changes and protect his brethren. He first tried becoming an imperial knight to work from within the system but now believes that doing what is best matters most, even if it brings you outside of the law. His childhood friend, Flynn, has a different sense of justice and is continuing to work with the imperial knights. From there, the adventure begins."

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pwnmaster30003841d ago (Edited 3841d ago )

good thing i have a 360 or maybe i'll wait for the ps3 version. I havent turn on my 360 all year. its just there, so i am dam sure i dont got the rrod

me i havent played in along time. i just got tired of playing video games, but i think mgs4 will bring it back. i just bought cod4 beat it then borrowed fear from my friend. still didnt beat it. i got like 14 games for my ps3 and 1 or 3 if you count the two games that came with it

ElementX3841d ago

So what games have you been playing?