Seriously though, how likely is GTA V on PC?

IncGamers investigates the data, and Tim and Peter discuss their findings on this hottest of topics.

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x8002828d ago

its coming and am waiting to get it.

guitarded772828d ago

I agree that it's coming to PC, and most likely PS4 and XBOX One too... there's just too much money to be made. But I can't wait. GTAV is too good to wait. I'll just rebuy it, and replay it with better visuals later on. I may wait for a complete edition on PC/next-gen with all the DLC.

pr0t0typeknuckles2828d ago

heres how likely it is: it will with out question be on pc and if im wrong i deserve to be slapped,so i hope im right

Persistantthug2828d ago

But RED DEAD REDEMPTION never came to the PC. There were petitions and all kinds of requests for it....So there's no guarantees.

mattdillahunty2828d ago

the difference, though, is that the Red Dead series doesn't have a history on PC, while Grand Theft Auto does. outside of handheld releases, every single Grand Theft Auto game ever released has made it to PC at some point. that doesn't automatically mean that GTAV will too, but i think that makes it a pretty safe bet.

My_Name_BTW_Is_Dante2828d ago

RDR didn't come to PC because Rockstar San Diego doesn't put their games on PC. Rockstar North does.

PhantomT14122827d ago (Edited 2827d ago )


Neither North nor San Diego does the PC ports though, it's Leeds.
But I agree with the "history" argument.

Eck02828d ago

i mean come on.. look at the first trailers that came out.. that looked like pc graphics... then later they released the ps3/360 trailers and you can see more jaggies.. didnt looks as sharp.. you know the pc version is already made... and since its x86 on pc.. its easier to transfer to ps4/xbone..
rockstar just says "no" or not yet.. just to milk all the possible money they can... and then later release it and make more money..IMO.. i can be wrong

secretcode2828d ago

Things that are more likely than GTAV NOT coming to PC:
- The PS4 spewing maggots every time a disc is inserted.
- An iPad port.
- Fez 2.
- A good modern Duke Nukem.

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The story is too old to be commented.