Gamespots Gran Turismo 5 Prologue Review

From, Gran Turismo 5 Prologue may be only a practice lap for the real thing, but it's a beautiful joyride while it lasts.

The Good A technical work of art, Varied lineup of vehicles, Brings 16-player online racing to Gran Turismo.

The Bad Not nearly enough tracks, Only a prologue to the real thing, Online suffers lag at times, No option to upgrade vehicle parts.

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niall774932d ago

pay your ad bills next time

sonarus4932d ago

yea the tracks are far too limited. Cars are ok but cars are too limited

Surfman4932d ago

i think it deserves a better score, 8.5 would be better.

Wolf8734932d ago

I agree. Gamespot is full of crap. I used to trust them, but now there's no doubt in my mind that GS is bias.

Condoleezza Rice4932d ago

so true,gamespot are nothing but a joke nowadays

INehalemEXI4932d ago (Edited 4932d ago )

Depends on the reviewer. Kevin V gives unbias ratings. Generally though it seems GS is teh bias.

GT5P is the greatest racing sim yet. We already know game updates will fix current issues and add on's will expand the gameplay etc. For me its a must have not everyones a racing sim fan though.

sonarus4932d ago

How can you disagree that 6 tracks aren't limited. I think they should have given us at least 10.

Gspot isn't biased they just have their own taste. Like i said though when it comes to reviews ign>gamespot>game trailers. Every other review is just extra.

I think the review was ok. GT5 will surely be the best driving/racing game ever made i have no doubt about that i am downloading the game now and can't wait to finally get my hands on it. But 40 bucks price tag is still too steep. But even at that GT5P despite its limitations is still a better racer than 90 percent of the racing games out now

Wolf8734932d ago

but that is besides the fact that the game got a 7.5 rating when it is easily a 8.5 at the least, they didn't take it into consideration that this game is a "Prologue". But its not just this game, Uncharted and Ratchet are two games that I took the risk of buying against GSpot's review, at that point I still trusted them. But later after playing those games, I discovered how pathetically nit-picky those people really are.

One of the minus points for Uncharted was difficulty, I thought they were suppose to be pros, but an average gamer like me, I play like 2 or 3 times a month (no joke) and I still managed to beat it in 3 days by being patient through out the game. Mario Galaxy ends up with 9 while Ratchet gets 7.5, both games equal in quality terms if I may say so, though Mario is getting old and repetitive for me.

I don't know what they want out of PS3, but their taste and their review reek of biasness.

sonarus4932d ago

Thats just the problem. It is a prologue. GT4 had 720 cars that is roughly 10% of what we are getting in GT5P. Can't remember how many tracks GT4 had but i know it was certainly more than 6.

So basically we are paying for 10% of usual content for 70% of the usual price. So imo this review is relatively fair. GT5P is an absolutely fabulous game and i am saying this off the impression the JP demo left on me. I had forza the same week the demo came out and i played the demo more but then again i have always been a fan of the GT series.

Gamespot may be a microsoft fanboys who knows and quite frankly don't care, but i do feel the 7.5 review was fair. I didn't read all of it but the pros and the cons were spot on. GT5P is a beautiful game and offers only a glimpse of what GT5 will so rest assured that GT5 will not only look better but play better and will have more content than GT4 before it. So expect 10's all around. GT5 without a doubt in my mind will be the greatest racing game ever made.

Kleptic4932d ago

people...its a prologue...GT4 had one too...and it recieved an identical ~80% from everywhere...its GT5 that will set the world on fire...although GT5P seems to be selling very well...

InMyOpinion4932d ago (Edited 4932d ago )

I appalude Gamespot for having the guts to stick to their own opinion, and not just follow the others like the rest of the sites do.

dexterwang4932d ago

A bit too critical... motor storm had 8 or 9 tracks (forgot)? And this costs 33% less then that, so 6 tracks isn't bad at all

I do agree with the terrible online lag though... people teleporting, ghosting, and other weird artifact. Though it very easy to join a random game. Gotta find a way for more efficient online coding

Still a great freaking game by all means ;)

sonarus4932d ago

GT5 is not motorstorm. GT5 is about ultra realistic bliss. I just spent 2 hrs playing and i don't even know where to start. Still haven't checked out online modes but i will

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ktr4932d ago (Edited 4932d ago )

Obvious they are rating the game based on quantity, not quality. The game is $20 cheaper for a reason.

The only issue with the game is the crappy online performance.

Genuine4932d ago

Wow, with all of the hype around this title, I wasn't expecting the score to be that low.

Real gamer 4 life4932d ago (Edited 4932d ago )

no the game is actually great dont let them discourage you ign and gamepro gave it a high score. to tell you the truth i dont go to gs for my reviews, i tend to agree more with ign.

jwatt4932d ago

Gt prologue is sort of tricky to review, do you review like a full game or a prologue. If you give this game a high score, don't you want to leave some room for the final version. For example Gt prologue gets a 9.0 then GT5 gets a 9.2 it doesn't make sense. Gamepro reviewed it like a prologue and gamespot reviewed it like a full game that's why you will get some scores low and some may be high.

pwnsause4932d ago

almost every reviewer is giving gt5p over a an 8.0 which is were this game should be rated at since its not the full game, but gamespot, knowing their bias and all.

Condoleezza Rice4932d ago

I like my reviews unbiased :)

4D4932d ago

Your saying you like reviews that are favorable to PS3 exclusives then. Heaven forbid they gave it an honest try and an honest review right? They must be on Microsoft's Payroll correct? Give me a break. Looks arent everything. What are they supposed to do give every game a 10 just because you like it.

Maybe your opinion is wrong not thiers. You ever think of that?

Biased? Not.

Too critical? Maybe.

Spydr074932d ago

Wow, you're pretty quick to pull the MS card, huh? Ever think maybe his nothing to do with MS? Ever think of that? Probably not. You're too caught in the Sony/MS fanboy war to have a thought that isn't in someway related to the console war. Get. A. Life.

Vanqu1sh4932d ago

Wow, GT5 prologue looks like a big flop

scoring a 7 is lousy

INehalemEXI4932d ago

How do you call making millions on a demo a flop ....

Stryfeno14932d ago (Edited 4932d ago )

$40 for a demo? Don't give EA any ideas.

Spydr074932d ago

I wouldn't. The six tracks just kills it for me.