A Cosplay of Pokemon’s Gym Leader and Aquatic Trainer, Misty

From the very well know anime series Pokémon, Misty is a very well know character. Her first appearance on “Pokémon! I choose you!”, introduced the young, bubbly girl. She is said to be the shadow of her two older sisters and has always wanted to make a name for herself. So, with her love of Pokémon training and aquatic creatures, she carried on with the idea of training water Pokémon.

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Jackhass2828d ago

Oh Misty. She's been responsible for a few kid's sexual awakenings for sure.

Bimkoblerutso2828d ago

You would enslave her in a ball, and use her for violent, wanton battling for the rest of her natural life?

SaulGoodman2828d ago (Edited 2828d ago )

Of course! I do that with all my girlfriends anyway, and they love it.
P.S. my first anime crush was April O' Neil.