Epic's Mark Rein Claims To Have Seen The Most Amazing Thing From Nvidia

DSOGaming writes: "Mark Rein, Vice President and Co-Founder of Epic Games, claimed a while ago that he saw the most amazing thing from Nvidia earlier this week."

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PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt2828d ago

good to know he saw something amazing if he cant share what it is idgaf.

PoSTedUP2828d ago

"has seen the most amazing thing from nvidia"
"has seen the most amazing thing, from nvidia"

two totally different statements, i wonder what he really meant.

SatanSki2828d ago

Yeah, i love this kind of BS

Soldierone2828d ago

Ever since Nvidia got shafted by both consoles they've been desperate for attention. I like NVidia, but calm down, it isn't the end of the least I hope it isn't.

Eiffel2828d ago (Edited 2828d ago )

It was never any skin off Nvidia's nose, from their experience with consoles it's all there. They saw a sizable windfall from the original Xbox while it lasted on the market, they then partnered with Sony to develop the RSX Reality Synthesizer for the PS3, but the profit losses for Sony’s gaming division from 2004 through the end of 2011 were apparent. It simply isn't worth the gamble to them anymore. Neither Microsoft or Sony could afford them after Nvidia told them how it is, so they both settled with the cheaper, lesser alternative AMD. Rather than compete by price, they let AMD have it. Quality isn't cheap. Nvidia has always done very well without either and will continue to do so.

Soldierone2828d ago

I'm not bashing NVidia at all, but anyone from a perspective of not really caring can see it. Ever since both consoles announced AMD as a partner, NVidia has been doing anything to get media attention. Crap handheld, gadgets, and so on.

Like I said, NVidia is a good company so I don't understand why they are doing it. Dunno why I get so many disagrees for that?

There is revenue in it, otherwise neither AMD or NVidia would care at all for it. Its consoles, those will sell, its guaranteed money from two companies on top of putting your name on a big product. Them saying "well it means nothing" is total BS. You don't let a multi-million dollar deal walk to a competitor for no reason, let alone twice. Those two are customers, you meet their needs, or they walk to the next company. Which is what happened, and NVidia is mad about it. It's no different than the Tegra chips in tablets....

Kleptic2828d ago (Edited 2828d ago )

yeah eiffel...what?

You think Nvidia 'chose' not to be involved with the consoles this time around?

Nvidia doesn't make cpu's...and that crushed them...AMD, from a manufacturing standpoint, is in a much better position offering cpu and gpu SoC's that are FAR more affordable than partnering with Nvidia for a gpu...and then developing a custom cpu to work with it...which is exactly what happened last gen...

I'm in no way suggesting this is the best for consumers in the long run...I'm just saying apu's have a very bright future of being the cheapest way to play modern video games (albeit, no where near the 'best' way)...and the console manufacturer's took advantage of that...

Nvidia probably never got a fun call from either company about the new consoles...Nvidia is great at discrete gpu's...but that hardware layout could be archaic in the not to distant future...

cunnilumpkin2828d ago (Edited 2828d ago )


"Ever since Nvidia got shafted by both consoles ..."

lol....more like NVidia turned down both consoles

sony BEGGED NVidia to make their gpu, NVidia gave them a price, sony countered

NVidia told them to eat a [email protected]

that simple

NVidia is worth far more than amd, way higher stock prices, way better drivers, way better gpus

intel smashes amds crappy low power cpus

amd is low budget all the way, not bad, just not great

ask yourself why ps4 can only run bf4 in medium settings at sub-1080p

yet a 3 year old, mid tier NVidia gtx 560 can run it in high-very high and some ultra settings at the same or better resolutions

that's a gpu you can get for $150 now days, less with rebates

ginsunuva2828d ago

Exactly. Sony WANTED an nvidia chip so that backwards-compatibilty could be a possibility.

nukeitall2828d ago

Yeah, AMD is not in a position to bargain, whereas nvidia is.

No secret there.

Nvidia has consistently made far better business decisions and I expect no less here.

ATi_Elite2828d ago

Nvidia told Sony/MS pay THIS price or Forget it!

Nvidia will go on to sell more Tegra 4 chips then AMD will sell chips in the new consoles. The Xiaomi Phone 3 will sell like 200m units in China ALONE!

But I do agree Nvidia has been kind of an attention trap as of late.

Now if Mark Rein was seeing some New Nvidia GRID stuff with NO Latency or the new Tegra 4 running BF4 on a TABLET then YES he most likely saw something amazing.

SatanSki2828d ago (Edited 2828d ago )

Desperate for attention? They have the best GFX cards and PC gamers dont give much shit about those medicore console chips from AMD. They have all attention they need from their targeted market. I wouldnt worry about their future.

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SephirothX212828d ago

I just can't wait for Maxwell GTX 800 series next year. These gpus will have 14-16 GFlops. To put that in perspective. The PS4 has 1.84 GFlops.

pandehz2828d ago

Thats why I havent invested in my next gen gear.

Gonna wait exactly a year and half for the next big arse things to settle in.

zebramocha2828d ago (Edited 2828d ago )

@seph you mean tflops or teraflop and I doubt they will hit 14-16 tflops as the 580 made on the 40nm has about 1500 tflops,excluding the 780 and Titan,nvidia nearest gpu has 3200 tflops of performance even though it is a refresh and its built on the 28nm process,I doubt they will get that much going from 28-20nm.

@nerdu such hyperbole as 2006 gpu would be the 8800 series from nvidia,next gen gpu out performs those considerably.

nerdeu2828d ago

Sadly enough the current console-GPU's were on par with the PC highend market GPU's during 2006. In the next-gen the GPU's will be on par with mid-range GPU's from the PC-market ... at best. I don't think this generation will last 7-8 years. More like 5-6 years considering how fast the technology is going forward.

Don't bash on me. I'm a console-gamer. Just putting up some thoughts.

wtopez2828d ago

Not a new GPU? Ok... I guess.

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