Grand Theft Auto Online: Beyond the Trailer

Gi - This week saw the release of Grand Theft Auto 5, but its online component does not launch until Oct 1. This might be a good time to do some reading on what players should expect from the online component of the game. So even when everyone has 100% the full game, there will still be some GTA 5 goodness to look forward to in a few weeks.

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i predict the online will crash as soon as it goes live, 1 week later we can all enjoy it.

Einhert2823d ago

It will because the servers will more than likely overload with the amount of people

Tiqila2823d ago (Edited 2823d ago )

why does that always happen? I mean as if the game studios would ALWAYS underestimate the total count of online players... Starcraft 2 and Diablo 3 are also games where the servers have been laggy to unplayable in the first days, which I could not understand because it was clear that there would be shitloads of players online day one...

Einhert2823d ago

Its because what companies do is they wait to see how many servers they need to support the game online and then they load up servers appropriate to the amount of players.

You have to understand as its cost effective and there is no point buying a boatload of servers to have them empty upon launch.

FlyingFoxy2823d ago

The consoles only have 16 players, i'll try the 360 version till its released on PC with 64+ player online minimum.

I hope for nothing less than a SA-MP type fun experience, but i was really disappointed with IV's so i won't keep my hopes too high, surprising a mod team can make a better multiplayer than game devs and still be so popular.

Einhert2823d ago

I would doubt they would up the player count for PC, did they up it for GTA IV?

XisThatKid2823d ago

I might rent it sometime that month if the online is compelling.