GamesRadar: Afro Samurai - first impressions - Badass hip hop warrior eviscerates ninjas, drips style doing it

GamesRadar writes: "After Afro's father, the number one warrior in a futuristic, feudal Japan, is cut down by a ruthless gunman named Justice, you should expect vengeance to be had. And because Afro is voiced by Samuel L. Jackson, the biggest badass on stage and screen, eloquent swears will flow just as copiously as ninja blood. Based on the manga and anime of the same name, Afro Samurai tasks you with slicing through anyone unfortunate enough to stand in front of his blade. Hitting the PS3 and 360 this fall, we had a chance to check out Samurai in motion and came away impressed with the result.

Immediately we're reminded of cel-shaded masterpiece Okami with Afro's art design and Japanese setting. Rather than outright copy the former's pastel-induced super happy fun style, Afro sports a darker atmosphere. The color palette consists of dark hues in rocky waterfall setting and the surrounding village stands darkly sinister at night. Afro himself is rail thin and posed to battle, while a cigarette lazily dangles from his lips. He dashes forward with the elegance of Shinobi, even mimicking the famous assassin with his flowing bandana. On closer inspection, Afro has pencil-like sketch marks adorning his character model and crimson that stays on his blade after battles, of which there are many."

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nutjuice3838d ago

I hope they make the game better than the action figures released by DC I saw at the comic shop last week.

Asurastrike3838d ago

I saw the gameplay trailer. It looks pretty bad.