Gamepro's Gran Turismo 5: Prologue Review

The graphics in GT5: Prologue are even better than Crysis. Race replays showcase moments of photo realism you can't find in any other game. Again, not even Crysis. The visuals are so crisp, blades of grass can be seen swaying in the wake of nearby wind currents caused by the speeding cars. The HDR lighting will remind you of Half-Life 2 as you exit a dark tunnel only to be momentarily blinded by the burning sunlight.

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sonarus3929d ago (Edited 3929d ago )

GT5 available tonight:D. Can't wait.

Gamepro: Available only on the PlayStation 3, GT5: Prologue is the most realistic racing simulation from the graphics to the sound to the feel.

I guess GT isn't arcadey anymore

My gamestop got the new driving force GT wheel. I didn't get it but i will :D fun times with this game ahead

Actually fvk it i'm going to pick up my wheel tomorrow

EZCheez3929d ago

Or after the store update?

I sure as hell hope it's tonight because I've been dying to play it!

sonarus3929d ago

@EZCHEEZ its tonight midnight EST or 9PM Pacific

EZCheez3929d ago

I'm definitely going to be late for work tomorrow!

Bathyj3929d ago

I have the GT25.

I dont know how I played 4 GT for 100's of hours each with the control pad.

You cant even do a gentle arc on a long sweeping bend with the pad. Barbarism!

sonarus3929d ago

The G25 is nice with the clutch and all but the new driving force pro available NOW at gamestop contrary to what this article claims is better imo. The quick tune option as well as being customized for ps3 is something that i can't pass up

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eagle213929d ago (Edited 3929d ago )

Trust me BMW, you will always be my first love. :)

kalistyles3929d ago

and it is amazing! I wish I had the wheel. In due time I guess. I need to know how to set up the wheel though. Seems kind of awkward. I need a desk or something. Anyway, definitely worth the 40 bucks.

pwnsause3929d ago

lol their statement is going to get PC fanboys angry, idk why they had to say that.

cmrbe3929d ago

Is the game people refer to about the most realistic graphics currently. They are just saying that in their opinion GT5 P is the new king of realistic graphics.

sonarus3929d ago (Edited 3929d ago )

To be fair car games don't require as much stress to get those photo real graphics. BUT take out all that and bar none GT is the most photo realistic game to date

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The story is too old to be commented.