Resistance: Fall of Man Previewed

Starting on the cusp of a partially-collapsed London Bridge, Insomniac's art team takes no prisoners, with the drained banks of the Thames beneath you, the dusty river bed punctuated by huge alien structures stretching as far as the eye can see both vertically and across the horizon. Contrasting sharply with the well-realised carcass of a decimated London, it really is a sight to behold - especially given the sheer amount of action going on at ground level.

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Antan4464d ago

Exellent, best preview in a while i think.

Genki4464d ago

It's gonna be a fun experience with cool weapons but may get stale prematurely, and doesnt seem to bring anything new to the table. It's got great art direction and graphics, and will serve it's purpose as an above average shooter.

What do I think? I think it very well could be a hit. Doesn't seem to do anything too out of the ordinary, but it looks like it could deliver a familiar but engaging experience that will last a long time. I'm not trying to make any HALO comparisons here, but thats the same way I feel about HALO, a familiar gameplay style, but it was so well done and well balanced that it was hard to put down.

IMO, Resistance looks like it may be able to do just that. Call it a hunch, but I think there may be more to this than meets the eye. Definitely looking forward to playing it.

andy capps4464d ago

Pretty good synopsis. I think that there may be a lot more that we and the people that have seen it thus far are seeing. Namely, no one has seen more than 3 levels and Insomniac has said that there's a reason that we've only seen the same stale, gray levels. Regardless, I think it'll be a very entertaining game and provide a good experience that will last a long time online. BTW, did anyone notice this, "Even more impressive is the quality of AI apparent, even in our relatively incomplete demo. If you're used to the shop dummy enemies of games like Half-Life 2 - you know the ones, happy to stand around looking nonplussed while you empty a round of bullets into their heads - prepare for a serious wakeup call. The Chimera are tough and won't miss a single opportunity to duck, weave or retreat in the face of opposition. Similarly, you'll need to keep your wits firmly about you in the more labyrinthine areas of the game, with foes routinely using cunning to flank or simply ambush your squadron if you don't stay alert at all times. Needless to say then, Resistance is hard - infuriatingly, hair-tearingly difficult but always fair - it's a game that demands you become a better soldier, learning the intricacies of your arsenal if you want to survive to the end. Of course, the upside here is that Resistance is relentless in terms of tension and, frankly, that's the way we like our FPSs."

If they think that the combine in Half Life 2 were easy, wow, maybe I just suck at FPS's. But if they're saying that these are much harder than this could be a very challenging game.

peksi4464d ago

Sounds pretty impressive, almost too good.. hmm.

Scythesean4464d ago

How many players offline in multiplayer will there be?

Arkham4464d ago

It was certainly reaassuring to hear about how good the AI is in this latest (final?) build. No more turkey shoots.

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