There's no reason for the GameStop manager to embarrass the customer, hes doing that himself

GameZone's Lance Liebl offers his thoughts on the whole GameStop/GTAV viral video. He writes, "Fact of the matter is, the offense she committed if punishable with termination at many establishments that have face-to-face interaction with customers. Regardless of how a**hole-ish a customer is being, you have to be the bigger person."

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xHeavYx2832d ago

You have a midnight launch and you have to deal with an idiot who won't show an ID, pissing of workers and other people waiting for the game. The woman may have not done a good job handling the situation, but I don't see a reason to fire her

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SilentNegotiator2832d ago

She threatened to have customers harass him via email and then was so embarrassed that she refused to offer her full name.

It's a pretty cut and dry situation, whether the customer was stupid to try to use a business card for ID or not.

Nathaniel_Drake2832d ago

Her history kinda shows she should have been fired. Also you don't act street as a manager of a store no matter bad the customer is you need to be professional

lifesanrpg2832d ago

All she had to say was "no id, no game. Come get it when you bring the id."

Guy was probably still a douche, but without seeing the full unedited video it's hard to say.

Summons752832d ago

Yeah from that it sounded like she did her job. When I worked at GameStop I loved doig that to idiots who didn't have an ID. If she did something else that was unprofessional than she deserves what she gets.

SilentNegotiator2832d ago

And considering that little highfive, I'd bet that he didn't exactly edit the video in the unhappy customer's favor.

modesign2832d ago

No ID = no game, easy as that. not rocket science.

matrixman922832d ago

the manger was an idiot for saying anything, and the guy filming is probably the most stereotypical white knight there is. Even though the customer was in the wrong at first, im completely on his side in the end. What a bunch of idiots

Roper3162832d ago

let the jackass rant and then when he finally shuts up just say the store policy is no ID no sale with no exceptions. Then if he continues to carry on tell him you're going to call the police and have him removed from the store.

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