Childhood Memories Playing Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

From a summer essay that got me into trouble to seeing my mother’s flabbergasted face when I asked her what a d***head was.

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ThatCanadianGuy5142832d ago

Good times.I'll never forget that scarface ending.Red haired rosenburg, lance, that ice cream front..

Man, i gotta replay that badboy soon.

nerdeu2832d ago

And the MUSIC! Remember Hall & Oates - Out of Touch ?

Man, can it get more 80's than that!? That track and GTA Vice City were meant to ride together in the sunset and live happily ever after. Timeless B-)

AlexanderNevermind2832d ago

Stepping Out - Joe Jackson....

Dante812832d ago

The 80s tropical atmosphere + music is the reason I prefer it to San Andreas, even though the latter is a huge jump in the mechanics/depth department.

3-4-52832d ago

to be honest, I'm having the most nostalgic time with this game, even though I've played all of them since the beginning.

Vice City might be my second favorite but GTA 5 is my new favorite GTA game. It just does so much right, that any small thing is easily overlooked, but not ignored.

This game is amazing.

JsonHenry2832d ago

Childhood while playing this game? Man... I feel really old right now. hahahahahaha

MadMen2832d ago

VC the best GTA ever.

WeAreLegion2832d ago

I was 14 when this came out, so I'm not sure if I can include this in "childhood memories".

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