PC Gamer US: StarCraft II - updated hands-on - Sawn more Overlords! The Zerg have returned

PC Gamer US writes: "In the long months since StarCraft II was announced in the summer of 2007, there have been only fleeting glimpses of the insect-like Zerg faction. But now Blizzard has not only unveiled the new Zerg, who have evolved the most of any of the three sides since the original StarCraft, but also allowed us to play with them! (Disclaimer: Blizzard made it clear that the game is still at least six months from release, and nearly everything about it is in a constant state of flux as the development team tests new ideas to discover the best and most original way to balance the three diverse sides against each other. Anything here could change by release, but this is a snapshot of the game as it exists now)."

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