Deception coming to PSVita

Tecmo Europe just announced a new entry in their fairly unknown Deception series.

The new Entry will be called Deception IV: Blood Ties and will be released on PS 3 and PS Vita

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sherimae24131853d ago

i <3 Tecmo Koei for their constant VITA support ^_^

Kingthrash3601853d ago

the more the merrier! i acually played deception it was coo on ps1, i expect awsomeness...and hope for a NA release.

adorie1853d ago

I actually own Deception 1,2 and 3. This will compliment the classics quite nicely.

Snookies121853d ago (Edited 1853d ago )

Can't wait! If this doesn't get localized, I'm going to import this for sure. I've been waiting forever for a new Deception game.

jjb19811853d ago

I spent like a hundred hours playing the first two. I always wondered what happened to the series.

SegaSaturn6691853d ago

This series was REALLY damn cool!

I played the first one where you are killed before your time and end up reviving in a mansion in hell and your job is to lure in the innocent and slaughter them with traps.

Very very good news.

Studio-YaMi1853d ago


TT3TT The series that I wished would get another title for along time ago is now becoming a reality !

THANK YOU Tecmo Koei & THAT YOU Sony ! :'D

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