War Thunder Dev: “PS4 is a Very Powerful Gaming Machine”, Dev Kits Had 8 GB GDDR5 to Start With

"We recently got in touch with Alexander Trifonov who is the international PR for Gaijin Entertainment, the developers behind the upcoming free to play War Thunder."

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Ame_No_Shiryuu2828d ago

Hey.., I thought you're really Arnie... :(

tokugawa2828d ago

dirty pimp... you were once tentonsoftube lmao.

i wonder what your next account will be called??

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WeAreLegion2828d ago

If that's true, that means Guerrilla has had dev kits for a lot longer than most devs, since they had 4 Gb to work with.

KwietStorm_BLM2828d ago

Well Guerrilla is basically Sony, so yea. Also, Gaijin said they got the game up and running in less than 3 months of getting their kits, so it wasn't even that long ago either.

WeAreLegion2828d ago

Thanks for the info. That makes sense. I imagine all first party developers have had the dev kits for at least a year and a half now.

ElementX2828d ago (Edited 2828d ago )

I'm kinda tired of free to play games. I play Guild Wars 2 a little and that's cool, however I think in the end, a lot of people spend more than $60 if they want to buy in-game currencies, upgrades, limited time items, etc. Yeah you can play them without buying anything however there's always going to be an incentive to fork over money. Maybe it's just $10 here and there, but it adds up fast. I think that free to play may be taking games in the wrong direction. Just look at that stupid Candy Crush game, raking in over $600,000/day? Ridiculous

BlackTar1872828d ago

I play Candy crush im on lvl 141 and haven't spent a dime or a penny on anything.

i played DCUO for free for a couple months then rebought the subscription.

Pay to play is good for people with Jobs and kids and less then an hr to play on weekdays.

I don't pay on these games. Pay to win is a problem ill give you that but some games just charge you for shortcuts which sucks with people who just spend alot of time and money but i can see it being helpful to people like me who have a 10month old and less then 15% of my past gaming time. Especially in games where my buddies have no responsibilities.

I do agree with you though in alot of ways but i see a positive to some of this for me only.

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The story is too old to be commented.