Japanese News Broadcast Shows PS4 vs Xbox One at TGS, Gameplay Footage and a Monster Hunter Event

Japanese TV can be strange, and this broadcast from the Fuji News Network is both interesting and strange at the same time.
It shows a direct confrontation between Xbox One and PS4 at the Tokyo Game show, with a glimpse on gameplay footage of Kinect Sports Rivals and PlayRoom used together with the newly announced PlayStation App.

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Abriael3422d ago

The girl sure seems easily amused, doesn't she?

gaffyh3422d ago

Wow Japanese news broadcasts are really boring.

jgrigs093422d ago

I have no idea what they are saying

thechosenone3422d ago

Wish I could live in Japan. :(

amnalehu3422d ago

Thats it, im moving to Japan...

805Junior8053422d ago

That Microsoft Japanese rep sounds like a douche and looks like one, and I can't even understand him.

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