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GameSpot - Killzone: Mercenary is a standard but enjoyable shooter and one of the best-looking games on the Vita.

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nerdeu2828d ago

Oh my! Gamespot gave a reliable score. Wake me up, someone!

badz1492828d ago

not gonna complain about a 7/10 but the review is clearly nitpicking the game so much so that her score of 7 would make sense!

just look at the bad. silly story? it's about war mercs and their money game, they work for the highest bidder and KZM has portrayed it perfectly and the way they tried to relate it to the main events from the console versions is kinda good too. what else do you want?? she's same reviewer for SR4 but she obliviously ignored the "SILLY STORY" part of that! trolling much?

touchscreen is more about preference so, not gonna comment about that but I personally like it especially when interrogating enemies!

the thing that really bug me about the review is how she clearly is comparing it with other console and pc FPS!

"...or distinguish itself from any number of other shooters you've probably played over the years."

WHY?? have we ever had any FPS that is even half as good as KZM on any portable device before? I don't think so. it's kinda funny the way she tried to downplay KZM as nothing special by comparing it to other games on consoles and pc but in GS's review of CoDs, they almost always compare it to the past CoDs with no mention of other games! so why did it for KZM? double standards much?

and yeah...this part is DUMB as far as a reviewers are concerned;

"Aim for their heads, because even though they're no more dead when they go down, you earn more money, for whatever reason."

yeah...because Mario stepping on Goombas or Koopa Troopas and get coins make so much sense, right? killing zombies in games and they drop ammo is logic because zombies are made of bullets, right? or driving on the wrong side of the road or drifting in NFS make your Nitros charged faster is so real life, right? and respawning in ALL games are so realistic too, right?


Ezz20132827d ago (Edited 2827d ago )

this is gamespot what did you expect?!

i never trust Gamespot and their TLOU review didn't help their case either

nerdeu2827d ago

To be honest: the story has never been the strongest spot for Killzone. GG really lost it at Killzone 3. I have never felt any connection with any character in Killzone. They need to up the game and I hope they do because they have some good qualities over at GG. Would be a shame to throw all that because of poor storyline. I am supporting Petit on this one.

Btw: 7/10 is not a bad score.

arbitor3652828d ago

how the hell is this game a 7/10 by handheld standards? all the massive accomplishments and innovations this game makes are totally ignored because reviewers want to hold it to console standards.

Bundi2828d ago

I remember somebody claiming vita was a portable ps3, who was that again? Oh yeah, it was Sony!

Games should always be reviewed according to what else is available in the same genre...fps games don't seem to translate well on handheld...

arbitor3652828d ago

sony claimed they would deliver "console experiences." and they have. they never said it would be exactly like a PS3.

and if you ask anyone who bought the game (which I guarantee you havent) it is incredibly fun and addictive. it has pleased just about everyone except for biased reviewers.

there is no reason why an FPS game shouldnt be a handheld, especially this one. this is the best handheld game this year, hands down.

Perjoss2828d ago

"fps games don't seem to translate well on handheld..."

Except this fps is so damn good I'd go as far as saying its way better than killzone 3 and maybe better than killzone 2 also. And that's before we even get into talking about the amazing graphics.

Just my humble opinion.

Bundi2828d ago

So everybody likes this game except biased reviewers? :D You for real? This game is liked by anyone who plays it?? Hahahahaha! You actually believe that don't you?

AbortMission2828d ago





Learn2Read, drone.

Also, I love your quote => "Xbox One AAA after another. PlayStation 4 indie games"

So hilarious in that X1 barely has any substantial AAA games over PS4 Lol

Hicken2828d ago

What else is available on handhelds in the genre?

Oh, forgive me. I thought, for a moment, I was speaking to someone who used their heads.

Truth: There isn't anything as good on handhelds, in the shooter category.

Truth: Few games on handheld look as good.

It's a solid entry. If you (the author) think it's only worth a 7, fair enough, but it doesn't do to compare it to console counterparts.

And you, Bundi... I'm not understanding how you constantly troll Sony articles and yet you haven't been marked for it... ever. You came out of hiding a little over a month ago, and you've been hard at it, trolling ever since. But somehow you get away with it.

What's your secret?

Bundi2828d ago

what part of what I said was trolling? Did Sony not to say they would be giving us console quality gaming on the go?

Should games not be reviewed based on what else is available in the same genre?
I believe my secret is not actually trolling but rather giving my opinion even when it isn't favorable of your Sony.

Tony-A2828d ago (Edited 2828d ago )


No. Games most definitely should NOT be reviewed based on what is available in the same genre. That makes no sense. Borderlands doesn't get good review scores based off of what Call of Duty is like. Mario isn't reviewed based off of what Rayman is like.

Should games within the same genre be called for reference? Yes, sometimes. But you never give one game a bad score because it doesn't follow a formula set by a different title.

Furthermore, what constitues "console quality gaming?" This game is a good game, even based on this single review. Is that not console quality? Even negating the fact that it posesses all typical features found in the console versions of Killzone, the Vita has seen exact ports of full console titles (The Show, Need For Speed, MGS Collection, Jak & Daxter, etc.), so in what universe do those exact ports of home console titles suddenly lose their "console quality?"

Hicken2827d ago

Oh, come on. Your comments contain nothing but sarcasm and negativity, and it's ALWAYS directed at Sony, and RARELY- if ever- warranted. And it's evident your comprehension skills are lacking.

AbortMission pretty much spelled it out: Console QUALITY doesn't mean it will be the SAME as consoles. It means that the Vita is capable of high quality gaming.

And it is.

But there's still a difference between a console and a handheld, and the games will obviously reflect that.

That said, the quality in this game and others on the Vita are evident. They're not "watered-down" versions of things you can find on consoles. Uncharted, Need for Speed, Assassin's Creed; even as they're handheld versions, they're full experiences.

Yet you try and use a review that gives it a "good" score- and takes off points because it's not the same as the console version- as an indicator that, somehow, Sony has failed with the Vita.

That was really the point of your whole comment. It's the point of most of your comments. You're not actually on topic, but simply seeking to start crap. And THAT'S why you're trolling.

Bundi2827d ago (Edited 2827d ago )

A big complaint in many of these vita games is indeed that they feel like watered down versions of their console counterparts.

AC Liberation is a good example of such a game that feels like it is lacking compared to its console brother versions.

Console QUALITY means just that, that whether you are playing the game on handheld or console, the quality will feel the same. So why crucify people when they count it against Vita titl s that they do not feel like console quality type games?

Did I say Sony failed Vita? Did I come in here and point out that the game isn't console quality? No. I simply reminded a complainer that Sony are the ones who drew lofty comparisons to consoles when they were marketing the vita and so the way reviewers treat its games can be blamed/attributed to that.

What exactly is the trolling part?

Sony can't say one thing and not expect people to hold them up to the promised standard.

How exactly is what I said not on topic? I was responding to someone's complaint that the game was being judged against console games.
How did you want me to respond when I do not agree with the complaint? How is it trolling to pont out the truth that is very relevant to the topic and complaint?

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TongkatAli2828d ago (Edited 2828d ago )

Haters are meant to be ignored, you're missing the point, bro. You see how he takes pleasure in taking what you say and throwing it back. They feed off negative energy. It is nourishment to them.

PoSTedUP2828d ago

the touch screen melee is one of the best features! melee, interogate, Counter, implemented online too very nicely and smooth.

silly story? its the seperate story of a merc taking place while KZ2 is going on, Good Story imo. silly= very professional term to use...

i do agree AI is very good in this game, i was stunned to see a character make like hes running arround the corner at me, just get slightly around the corner and see that im already aiming the gun at him, and quickly take a step back around the corner. they also hear your footsteps from the other room like in rage.

JadedWriter2828d ago

GameSpot, you mad bro? Killzone Mercenaries is actually a game of high quality. Story is better than Killzone 3 and controls closer to Killzone 2. Graphics are insane for a handheld as well.

Anon19742828d ago

"If you're looking for a shooter you can take on the go, you won't find anything that equals Killzone: Mercenary."

Yeah, I don't get this. It's her opinion and I respect that, but since when are handheld games docked marks because they aren't as good as console shooters? I didn't see Super Street Fighter IV on the 3DS getting docked points for not delivering the same experience as the console version. And yet this Vita game is suddenly losing marks because it doesn't deliver like a console?

I have nothing against reviewers offering opinions, but inconsistency drives me crazy. There should be some sort of review standards and one of those should be handheld games should be reviewed based against other handheld games.

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