Gears of War Multiplayer V.2

so the saga continues with another new Gears of War trailer from GameTrailers....

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THAMMER14463d ago

Now that is a next gen game. WOW

bullet4463d ago

ya got to love how the guys head explodes from the sniper rifle

Arkham4462d ago

That was freakin' nice. The lighting on this game is fantastic. Though I would've liked to have seen this as an FPS, I think the extra detail afforded by making it third-person makes up for it.

rj814462d ago

Oh my god...


2tired2day2hate4462d ago

every other post about a console or a game has someone who favors the other console complain and put down that game. how can anyone put this down? there are NO games like this

Marriot VP4462d ago

simply a fanboy who likes to put down other consoles/games inorder to make himself feel better. Because his console of choice is very personnel, and it should be it costs 600 DOLLARS

Retard4460d ago

Don't put money where a console is buddy. Maybe the poor... or ... retarded can't get a PS3, seems to me that people don't mind spending 200$ for the HD-DVD add on for Xbox360.

So, when it comes to money people are investing the same amount for Xbox with the add-on for the same thing basically. +400$+200$= What? 600$? AH!? PS3 basic 500$ AH! MY GOD!

Bill Nye4462d ago

That guy is owning everyone else; it makes excellent footage!

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The story is too old to be commented.