Is Linux the Future of Gaming?

Eric from GamR Mag writes: "Linux offers a number of attractive features to gaming, but at the same time there’re many aspects, philosophically at least, that could come into conflict with the current shape of the gaming industry. Newell’s speech should be intriguing to anyone passionate about gaming or computing..."

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SilentNegotiator2832d ago

It's certainly going to be a part of it. Even if none of the "miniconsoles" see widespread success, Android will always be on phones and tablets.

P0werVR2831d ago

For developers...of course!

For general use...NOPE!

adorie2831d ago

You seem shortsighted, sir. With all due respect, of course.

P0werVR2831d ago (Edited 2831d ago )


So tell me, have you actually used Linux as easy as Windows?! 0.o


So once again, for developers using it to make great and unique games, hell yes. For "general" use....NOPE!

Ju2831d ago (Edited 2831d ago )

Actually, try LinuxMint, the Cinnamon version ( ). It looks and feels exactly like the best of Windows and MacOS - with a very familiar user interface, which makes you feel right at home if you use either one - my teenage son, without ever having touched Linux before installed this on his own.

Really, the only thing missing are the games.

(and for the ones's Debian. Everything which runs on Ubuntu runs in mint).

RegorL2831d ago (Edited 2831d ago )

POwerVR Linux is as easy if not easier than Windows!

My mother, 69 years old, runs Linux. Her problem is never Linux itself. It is more general confusion thinking that it is something wrong with her computer when a web server does not answer.

I myself has run Linux as my main operating system for at least 10 years.

I sometimes gets confused when helping my kids out on their Windows game computer. [lots of old Windows 3.1 Multimedia games does not work anymore]

Can you seriously admit with a straight face the sheeples will know how to operate a car with automatic transmission? (That is a MUCH bigger step from manual transmission, and potentially dangerous too)

Most people do not do more than
- start web browser
- open email (often integrated in web browser)
- edit some documents (libreOffice/openOffice are fine)
- print (drivers for Linux are fine, Apple bought and sponsors)

P0werVR2831d ago (Edited 2831d ago )

Yeah, LinuxMint. But if you knew better you wouldn't even bother suggesting Linux for gaming or just general use.

Besides, if anything I doubt Gabe Newell would even suggest it. You guys are missing the point, because simply you guys don't know what your on about.



What a bunch of malarky. I can peer right pass your gibberish. You actually had to explain in paragraphs to prove irrelevant points. Lack of conciseness proves it.

"Can you seriously admit with a straight face the sheeples will know how to operate a car with automatic transmission?"

Whaa? We're talking about using a complicated OS.

One point alone that keeps the sheeples scared to even migrate is trouble shooting alone.

Windows is highly optimized and why corporations use it more than any OS. You know how much money you have to spend for training just to start the mundane things, especially for office work where it gets more complicated?!

So, once again. Not for general usage.

forcefullpower2831d ago

Linux is NOT a complicated OS. It is just as easy as using windiws . probably easier. Installing apps is done by downloading a deb file and running it. It will automatically install dependencies for you if the app required it and doesn't moan about it like windows.

Linux was once a more complicated is but it no longer is. I am at the stage of switching completely if devs start releasing AAA games for it.

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Zele2831d ago (Edited 2831d ago )

Yes this will be the console generation that Gabe and the Android manufacturers makes sure fails. Android and IOS have already killed handhelds. At the current rate you will be able to buy an APU in 3-4 years for $100 that out performs the PS4 which means a $300 desktop would beat it. The new steamroller APUs coming out soon are 768Gigaflops of GPU power with a cpu that already is much better than the Jaguar octa core in the consoles.

PrimeGrime2831d ago (Edited 2831d ago )

Yea killed handhelds when the Vita has sold 5+ million units and the 3DS has sold over 30+ million units. Definitely killing them both it seems.

Weird every time I am in a game store, I see them still being sold there also.. So odd how they can be dead but people are still buying them. /s

Zele2831d ago

5 million sales are bad. The 3DS did decent because it targeted at younger aged people who don't have smart phones.

Somebody2831d ago

Vita was stumbling about. Near death until Sony bring out PS4 and Vita's connection to it.

Vita needs the PS4 to stay alive. It can't stand on its own when its predecessor didn't even need the PS3 to be successful. WiiU...what happened to that one?

Ju2831d ago

And in 3-4 years the PS4 will still be $399. Of course.


sorceror1712831d ago

Or a $300 Steam box. Or - if Valve's willing to subsidize, perhaps - a $200 Steam box?

Summons752831d ago

hahaha no.

Wanna know why Linux got taken off of the PS3.....because all of 3 people used it.

Zele2831d ago

They mean to replace windows...

Summons752831d ago

again, highly doubt it with windows being installed on nearly every computer off the shelf and 90% of games having windows and a rising handful having Mac support. Steams Linux collection is nearly bare...and valve is the only one who seems to care.

caseh2831d ago

Linux was taken off PS3 as it could be used to exploit a loophole in system security. There is no other valid reason for it being removed.

rainslacker2831d ago (Edited 2831d ago )

One other valid, although unverifiable reason, that some suggest is that companies were buying up PS3's in high volume to act as interconnected hive servers(which they actually were). Since Sony was taking a loss on each unit sold they didn't want people buying the system without buying games also.

Not saying it's true, just one theory posited every now and again, but refutes your 3 people using it hypothesis.

Caseh's reason above is likely more true. The fact it was taken down soon after the exploit was found lends credence to that.

XboxFun2831d ago

They have been saying this for the longest of long.

Dante812831d ago

Linux is all about open source. I don't think it works with drm-packed game software.

Ju2831d ago

If it uses a store like Steam it will be as safe as Windows. There is no reason why this would not work in Linux. But Linux on it's own might be at risk, e.g. nobody would pack block buster games into a deb file without additional security. However, Steam uses it's own environment anyway (also under Windows). And it works the same way in Linux. What's missing is a wide spread delivery system. And developers actually compiling games for Linux/OpenGL.

RegorL2831d ago


You can always limit multi player gaming.

More difficult with single player that you are supposed to be able to play even when net is down...

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