Hohokum on PS4: New Trailer of the Guano Factory Debuted

By Ricky Haggett: "We’re really excited to unveil a new place in Hohokum today — the Guano Factory — with a new teaser trailer made by Scott Benson, and backed by one of our favorite Matthew Dear songs: Temptation. Matthew Dear is a founding artist of Ghostly International, and is also a DJ, dance-music producer, and an experimental pop artist. The Temptation track is off his latest album, Beams — a suite of weird, wild, and optimistic rhythm-driven pop. The perfect type of music for Hohokum"

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000012833d ago (Edited 2833d ago )

drugs are bad mmmkay...seriously tho this game looks fun from what i saw at PAX East.

GribbleGrunger2833d ago

I'm starting to get really interested in the Indie scene and I can't wait to play some of these quirky titles.