The Good And Bad Of GTA 5's Three Man Narrative

Forbes - While I’ve put just over a dozen hours into Grand Theft Auto 5 the last two days, I still feel like that’s nowhere near enough time in order to be able to write a fully-fledged review of the game. I’m finding I like it more as time goes on, and perhaps I’ll be outright head over heels with it by the end, so I should probably wait and see.

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kingmushroom2832d ago

Loving this game, so much to do !

3-4-52832d ago

Yea the 3 person story/main character idea is arguably the best thing they've ever done for this game.

At least for the campaign.

It makes the game feel like 3 GTA games in one, that are all connected but with their own personality.

There is also a ton to do.