Fable Creator - GTAV Sales "Not Impressive"

Fable creator Peter Molynuex reveals how he is unimpressed with the speedy sales of Rockstar's open-world epic.

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Majin-vegeta3542d ago

Can someone please shut him up alread?

-Foxtrot3542d ago

I think he's a little jealous in my opinion...

Thing is though Peter, that's what happens when you actually deliver most of the stuff you've went on about since your games reveal.

Pintheshadows3542d ago

I couldn't agree with you more.

Words are just words Peter. Show me an example of one of your projects that actually lived up to your 'words'.

He is so far up his own arse he is staring at the roof of his mouth.

zeee3542d ago (Edited 3542d ago )

Oh yes, lets take the word of a mediocre game designer. Seriously, I can't stand this guy. When was the last time he did something awesome? Yeah, I figured!

AngelicIceDiamond3542d ago

I haven't commented since this game came out, been busy playing it.

Lol that's why hes broke and needs kick starter to fund his little games.

Btw Peter you didn't leave the AAA buissness, the AAA business left YOU.

SanMarco3542d ago

Just wait till Trevor Philips hears about this!

ChrisW3542d ago

Ummm... Guys!!! He's talking about profit margins...

Thehyph3542d ago

You know how you can tell he screwed up?
Every post on here has more agrees. He *bleeped* up enough to unite n4g even.

I think I'm in the same boat as everyone else; I laughed when I read the title.

guitarded773542d ago

@ ChrisW

Doesn't matter... it's still a stupid comparison. Sure some smaller games can turn 3+ million a day with a smaller investment, but that is not the entirety of gaming. We know GTA couldn't take that approach of development, and most GTA players are far less inclined to play the games (development formula) he's comparing it to and vice versa. Compare GTA to a blockbuster movie... compare the other games to 15 minute sitcoms. One makes advertising dollars, the other makes box office dollars. Both exist, but monetize in different ways. What GTAV did on day one was impressive.

Xof3542d ago

Defensive fanboy much?

All he did was point out the (massive) earnings disparity between console and mobile games. GTAV had a massive budget and is raking in enormous amounts of money (approaching record-breaking in its market)... but what they're making of GTAV pales in comparison to the amount of money mobile games are generating.

Maybe the article would have been better served if Molyneux had explained his commnet more, but considering none of the 60-ish people who have thus far bothered to comment in this thread could be arsed to read his 20-word quote in the first place, it probably wouldn't have accomplished anything.

Molyneux isn't the one displaying childish emotionalism here: it's you all.

Death3542d ago

Peter isn't directing his comments and insight to gamers. He's directing it at small developers looking to create something on a much smaller budget. Sometimes it's a matter of context, sometimes it's Peter not explaining himself to everyone that hears him.

For what it is worth the small developers/indies are the opposite of the Rockstars of the world. This is what everyone that cheers the indie scene is supporting. Games that can run on our smart phones and our consoles that generate s very nice profit margin.

Boody-Bandit3542d ago

Rockstar is unimpressed with Peter Molynuex impressions on GTA V sales.

dmeador3541d ago

Seems like my advice is the same on every title that is initially misleading to generate clicks: read the article, haha. He is completely correct that if you compare the profit margin on huge games like this to mobile, its no comparison.

kraigslist_killa3541d ago

BREAKING NEWS!!!!!......Peter is butt hurt,.....back to you Bob.

xXxSeTTriPxXx3541d ago

Its pure jealousy, he wanted one of his games to hit 5mil (the 5mil club as he calls it) never happened for him.

Gta5 800mil dollars in a couple dayz and your not impressed lmfao.

g4me_he4d3541d ago

I can't find a single adjective to describe this guy, words aren't enough anymore.

SilentNegotiator3541d ago (Edited 3541d ago )

Who cares about margins if you're making $550,000,000 profit at launch? How many mobile games make that in their lifetime?

shoddy3541d ago

Damn gta5 cost $250mil to produce and they make $800mil in one day and he said that's not impressive?

I think his games are the impressive one.

shadow27973541d ago

He didn't do a very good job making his point. GTA V earned $800 million in 1 day and (according to Peter) will eclipse $1 billion in it's first month.

Then he says some mobile games sell $5 million a day.

Well, $800 million > $5 million
$5 million x 31 days in a month = $155 million
$1 billion > $155 million

Granted, there's a lot of factors to consider. One is a $60 AAA game with sales that will drop quickly, and one is a >$10 mobile game with a small budget that will have more consistent sales if it's popular. At face value, however, he doesn't back up his "unimpressive" claim very well.

Philaroni3541d ago


Well with his logic then every single console game's sales including his own have not been impressive. I do see the point he makes, just it is a very dull one.

Ju3541d ago (Edited 3541d ago )

Shadow, I fully agree. I'm not impressed with his "$3M a day" - this usually isn't sustained business and and even if, I want to see how this applies to how many games, and over which time frame. To reach what GTA achieves in it's lifetime, this would require mobile games make this amount every single day, 365days a year. Which is quite unlikely. Well, both are great results if you are on the receiving side, don't get me wrong.

Awesome_Gamer3541d ago

What a joke this guy has become.

BattleAxe3541d ago

"Fable Creator - GTAV Sales "Not Impressive"

If Geoff Keighley lets Molyneux back onto the Bonus Round, then he himself will lose all credibility.

KazHiraiFTW3541d ago

The butthurt is strong with this one.

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oONinjavitiSOo3541d ago

Totally agree! So annoying! Comparing real games to mobile sh*t "games" is borderline retarded. People actually pay real money for mobile "games"? If you are a mobile "game" developer don't act like you hold any weight in the real gaming industry with you're uninspired phone trash. I wonder if these mobile "game" developers have ever heard of a thing called integrity?

showtimefolks3542d ago

he wasn't impressed by sony/ps4 either

this man thinks too highly of himself, he over promises and under delivers

i am having fun with GTA5, its not a 10/10 but 9.10 for sure, and it deserves all its getting. stop hating and for once say congrats to RS for what they have delivered on 7-8 year old consoles is unbelievable

Deadpool1013542d ago (Edited 3542d ago )

Peter Molynuex is a talented guy and has made some great games but some times he really needs think before he speaks.
I can understand the whole "look how impressive these mobile game revenues are and they cost a lot less to make" side of it but come on Peter. $700-800 million dollars worth of sales in one day is amazing whether it's a $150 million budget AAA game or a $50,000 indie title. Hell even Activision are problably impressed and they make stupid sums of money EVERY YEAR with the Call of Duty titles.
Peter should apologise and give Rockstar the praise they deserve, they've made an amazing game.
Plus his probably a little jealous that their open world is capable of even more things than he over promised that Fables could do.

freezola753542d ago (Edited 3542d ago )

Ferreal Molynuex? Now you sir take a seat over there by Mr. Reggie "Meh" Fis Amie

These guys are incredible. One guy is mad that ppl won't be talking about his console as much after this November...

The other has a failed franchise (except for the 1st one).

Yea umm... Can I get some Milk with this PB & Jealous much sandwich please?

Rock★ earned that shit! Can they live... Sheesh


nosferatuzodd3542d ago (Edited 3542d ago )

wow the this guy cant make a good rpg if is life depends on it and he have the balls to talk about whats not impressive really

Edito3542d ago

Let him be, his jealous and frustrated at the same time cause his games are simple not good enough...

BallsEye3542d ago

As much as I don't like gaming on mobile, he is right. That stupid mobile games sell in huge numbers and bring gigantic profit.

T23541d ago

thats true but its more about them being free or convenient... unfortunately I can't play gta5 while stuck in an airport, but still, its a problem the vita is addressing....
because really ? If all I could ever play was angry birds I'd rather watch tv

Ju3541d ago (Edited 3541d ago )

Oh man...true...I played KZ Merc all end during my last flight in from Europe. More of those, please. .. a real GTA Vita version???

avengers19783542d ago

Hi Pete, I'm going to teach you a little math.
GTA V sells 800 million dollars, whatever mobile game you are talking about makes 3-5 million a day, so let's say 4 million a day, it will take 200 days for them to make what GTA V did in one day.

And I bet that GTA will still sell copies in that time frame also.

grailly3541d ago

if you take into account that the mobile game cost 2-3 million to make and is earning 3-4 million a day it's a WAY batter investment than GTAV.

I don't know people are getting so mad, he's just stating that one game is earning relatively more money. I'm really sorry about it not being your preferred game...

Baka-akaB3541d ago (Edited 3541d ago )

Only a selection of mobile games make those outstanding numbers anyway . And among those , half comes from mobile gaming studios that already cemmented their place with previous successes such as Rovio and Gameloft .

So i'm not seeing his point there . Established publishers and studiosa re making the most profits in both of those industry , whatever the initial investment . not every single guy in his cave will have a breakout hit

Ju3541d ago

Doesn't matter how much each costs to make. The margin @ $1B is so high, that cost of mobile games vs. block buster becomes a come in the base line. Total profit is still in the billions, while mobile games won't reach those, no matter how much those cost to make.

Goku7813541d ago

He must be smoking something cause its not like you see that everyday, whether you like the game or not.

kenshiro1003541d ago

Yep, I sense jealousy from this guy.

Kingnichendrix3541d ago

Yeah the guy is a moron the quality of Fable just seems to get worse from the first yet GTA seems to improve on every sequel apart from GTA 4 never quite knew what to think about that compared to the others.

Anon19743541d ago

Wow. Way to create a flamebait headline without adding any context at all.

Read what Molyneux said (and maybe try to spell his name right) and you'll see he was making a very valid comparison. GTA's sales are amazing but when you compare it to the money coming in from mobile game sales it does pale in comparison to some of the mobile heavy hitters.

I know it happens all the time, but it still bugs me to see articles like this take their dev quotes out of context or spin them into some hit-baiting nonsense. And this one can't even be bothered to spell the man's name correctly. Downvote from me for this site.

Bobby Kotex3541d ago

It's an apple to oranges comparison. Also there's was no need to trash the biggest entertainment launch of all time. He just comes off as bitter considering Fable 3 is a personal failure for him.

Anon19743541d ago (Edited 3541d ago )

That's the thing. He doesn't come off as bitter. If you read the talk he gave, he's just stating a fact. The media is the one that's hyping the release of GTA while they largely ignore just how huge the mobile market is. It's an excellent point, and certainly one that made me stop and think.

As for Fable, what on earth does that have to do with anything? I can understand if he was up there saying "Look at the hundreds of millions mobile games make every single day. That's all me. Screw GTA," but that isn't even remotely what's being said here. There wasn't even a hint of ego in that statement. His statements have nothing to do with him personally and I don't understand how anyone thinks it does. People just love to dump all over this guy.

Edit: And how on earth has this not been taken down as a dupe? It's just a snippet of the talk that was reported here taken out of context and blown up as a flamebait headline...

Bobby Kotex3541d ago

Peter Molyneux - Not Impressive.

yeahokchief3541d ago

He makes iphone games. Who cares what he thinks?

ROckstar are Kings!

JsonHenry3541d ago

From an investment/R&D perspective and in comparison to mobile device sales it is not really that impressive.

The time and money it took them to make GTA5 vs what it cost to make smaller indie/app style games and the money they make per $1.00 invested just doesn't add up in favor of AAA gaming.

ZHZ903541d ago

I agree with you, Majin.

Was Fable 3 was that good game?
Nope, Angry Joe covers all this up.
Which means that Fable won't sell 800 million dollars in 24 hours just like GTAV did.

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Majin-vegeta3542d ago

Cuz no one wanted to play my game MILO where you could touch a little boy xD.

freezola753542d ago (Edited 3542d ago )

Word as bond Majin! Bubs for the funny bub.

Preach.. Chuuuch... Tabernacle...

I dammn sure wasn't feeling that Milo cat..

I believe that an Amber Alert should've been issued for that cat years ago right?

nosferatuzodd3542d ago (Edited 3542d ago )

lol good one Micheal Jackson bastard lol i give you some bubbles for that one

nerdeu3542d ago

Gamers: Fable-series "Not impressive"

SniperControl3542d ago

What is going on with this guy lately??

Heartnet3542d ago

Tbh he is correct when in comparison to certian mobile game hits that take a quarter of the time to develop with a tenth of the budget and they will make more than this game.

Games which are earning millions of dolla per day is impressive whereas spending 5 yrs + and hundreds of million of dollars to get twice / three that back... is un-impressive...

he is correct.

grailly3541d ago

yeah, on top of that, if people read the article, they would realize he was just making a point, of course he thinks 800 million is impressive!

JasonXS123541d ago

But think about it, does Rockstar make you pay money just to play the next level of their game? No. All these mobile games are getting their money mainly from people who pay to play or win.

maddfoxx3541d ago

Yes, but you don't get many mobile games that can push numbers like that. Mobile games can be played anywhere at any time and are very addicting. It doesn't help that most of them are "play to win" games. Mobile games target anyone with a Facebook account and a smart phone and take little to no effort to start up and play. Console games are only played on one system . . . a TV and time are required. Why is he even comparing the two when they are a part of two completely different markets? Its like one person claiming U2 has one of the highest grossing concert tours and then another person trying to downplay that success by saying that the movie Avatar grossed more money. The comparison doesn't make any sense at all. GTA5 broke so many records and is doing better than almost every console game released so far this gen, and hes trying to downplay that my comparing apples to oranges. . .

maddfoxx3541d ago

The Iphone 5 is the best selling phone of 2013!

Molynuex - That's not impressive. Tomatoes make so much more money. . . now that's impressive.

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iMaim3542d ago

Now that's just sportmanship. Gamemanship. Whatever.

gameseveryday3542d ago (Edited 3542d ago )

I literally laughed when I read the title.