FIFA 14: 5 More Ratings EA Got Horribly Wrong

Unless the release this week of critically acclaimed Grand Theft Auto 5 has bamboozled you to the point of memory impairment, it’s worth remembering there’s another triple A title coming out this month.

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ssj272827d ago

The only AAA consideration is that fifa buy exclusive deals lincenses in term of gameplay this gane is a simple arcade game and very inferior to PES14 which is not perfect but a much authentic realistic soccer/futbol simulator

SegaGamer2827d ago

You must be joking, PES has become a pile of crap. Ronaldo looks deformed when running and have you seen some of the players faces ? some of the top names look ridiculous. Type Rafael PES 2014 into google and you will see what i mean.

ssj272827d ago

This is the difference between fifa fabboys and soccer fans .. no soccer fan will call rafael a top player haha he is a joke and I agree some faces are bad but community mod will fix them all in two weeks, they will fix the Jerseys and etc.
Complaints about it is stupid since a mod will fix everything in no tike.

Plus you got to have balls saying ronaldo moves weird in pes lol in fifa everyone moves the same and weird and have the same animations and have weird looks. Pes is more authentic and that's a fact.

All ea can do next year is keep investing 90% of their profit into exclusives licenses because they can't touch PESin term of authenticity and gameplay.

SegaGamer2827d ago

I'm not a fanboy, i just play FIFA because it's the better choice, PES doesn't even have proper leagues so what is the point ?

ssj272827d ago

well it actually does have all the proper leagues and etc..
unless you are a robot and mods does not count for you which is very stupid way of thinking since you are ignoring the fact that mods actually make everything look authentic and legit even more than the original makers .

And it only take few min to download and instal!
plus user keep updating everything every time to keep it authentic and up to date!

plus the gameplay is in a whole new level and animations make fifa14 look very fake in pes14 they are very realistic and the gameplay is also very realistic..

and I understand you may like fifa more for it gameplay you are used to arcade gameplay that fine but I prefer something more authentic and realistic.

KiLLeRCLaM2826d ago

Back to the same crap we hear every year.. yeah yeah PES is more realistic..Fifa is still way better then PES even this year and the last like 5 or 6 years.. EA has more money and they just make a better with it..

ssj272826d ago (Edited 2826d ago )

Money can't buy what pes14 has and that's authenticity and realism. how is fifa a better game if this are simulator and PES is better simulator.

Fifa can only buy licenses and more ad's to persuade casuals to buy their game..

PES fans fix and update licenses, the community is amazing! And the game virtually sales by itself .. I have never seen a ad for PES in my life on TV.

That is ok for gamers to like fifa gameplay is a ok arcade game but no real soccer/futbol player will call fifa a better sim haha no way.. only 13 years old kids will or those who have never play the real game will.

SegaGamer2827d ago

Oh boy, the ratings are getting worse, the 2 most shocking to me was Vertonghen and Benteke. I am a Chelsea fan and even i will admit that Vertonghen was on of if not the best defender in the Premier league last season. And how Benteke can only get a 79 rating is shocking.

EA need to take their eyes off La Liga and stop giving out ridiculous ratings to players like the massively overrated Gerard Pique.

KiLLeRCLaM2826d ago

Only thing good in PES is gameplay..still don't like the guys running through the ball and the first touch on some good players like Ronaldo are a joke.... Menus suck, music sucks, no tickers, no teaching me how to play the game like Fifa has been doing the last couple years, they haven't improved on anything besides gameplay..yeah last years Fifa was kinda shit but this years feels much better on current gen.. wait for PS4 and Xbox One version of Fifa 14 Ignite Engine.. PES is toast!

ssj272826d ago

Fifa is as arcade and fake as a soccer game can get and it does not have authenticity, how can you learn something from it? Haha onky if you are 13 years old it makes sense or a north American guy but no European or latin American will say that haha you arr a joke.

PES just did a amazing job this year and is still far from perfect but way ahead FIFA14 way way ahead.

KiLLeRCLaM2826d ago

PES is getting there.. Not this year and if you disagree with me you don't know anything..and why is there no rain in PES? don't need a licence for that..If they don't upgrade their 2 year old engine they won't get far..

fifabeatspes2819d ago

Fifa has ultimate team. Enough said.