IGN - Deep Down is Enduringly Mysterious

IGN - Hands-on with Capcom's next-generation dungeon crawler for PS4.

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AgentSmithPS42823d ago

I want to go Balls Deep Down into this enduringly mysterious place.

FamilyGuy2823d ago (Edited 2823d ago )

Why can't there be a game play video showing the deeper, more interesting parts of the combat while also being in a decent quality?

Currently we've got one super dark version that shows off game play depth but also has demonstrators talking non-stop in japanese about the game. The darkness of the video also hides the amazing graphics which sucks.

The second video, courtesy of gamersyde, is off screen but clearly shows the amazing visuals as well as the smooth 60fps game play. Unfortunately the player is terrible at the game and makes it look boring. In addition to that the demo doesn't have the dragon part.

You basically have to watch both to get a full effect of the game and many people are dogging it because of only seeing one of these two vids, basically only getting half the story and being uninterested because of what was missing.

Anyway, the Stone tornado mixed with fire
and the time stop dragon scene http://farm4.staticflickr.c...

These are game sellers all on their own, Sony should get these in HD in a commercial ASAP!

And yes, that tornado is happening in game
And yes, time is being stopped during online co-op game play!

FamilyGuy2823d ago

Forgot to mention, that second guy they showed was playing via remote play using his Vita during that dragon fight scene.

Convas2823d ago

They need to show some gameplay with shield and sword (Like in the reveal trailer) and different weapons.

I realize that this is still an early build and that they'll have lots of time to finely tune the game, but having just the lance and one attack for it is a little underwhelming.