Rockstar: 'We're not in direct competition with Call of Duty or anyone'

GameZone writes, "Rockstar Games is well-aware of games like Call of Duty, Battlefield, and other blockbuster franchises. But the studio views none of them as direct competition. Rather, company co-founder Dan Houser prefers to make a game the studio is proud of and that returns the money to publisher Take-Two's investors."

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Abash2830d ago

Yup, they're in a league of their own

vishmarx2830d ago

totally , cod should compete with colonial marines or something .
(not sales wise)

Spinal2830d ago

It's true there is no other GTA like game other than Saints Row 2 but obviously the devs of SR chose to run in another direction to avoid GTA comparisons.

I think EA will eventually try to make a GTA like game they're the only company that looks at those sales and wants the same at any cost. They tried with MMO's to match the success of WoW but have continuously failed. Warhammer and SWTOR lol.

3-4-52830d ago

They are though. After playing GTA 5 since midnight launch ( not constant lol), I'd say nobody is even close to them in the open world department.

Each block offers something unique, tons of content.

I feel like I'm actually getting my $60.00 worth with this game compared to about 80% of others on the market.

BALLARD322830d ago

Loved the jab they took at CoD in the radio ad in the game. "Rated PG for pretty much the same game." Had me cracking up.

Niv2830d ago

Rocks tar has no competition!

They've proved it many times.

CaptainYesterday2830d ago

They're just doing their own thing and I love them for making such incredible open world games :)

WeAreLegion2830d ago

Rockstar doesn't have competition, but they do have colleagues. I personally think only a handful of developers have earned the respect of the gaming community in a way Rockstar has.

Valve, Rockstar, and Naughty Dog are the ones who come to mind. Perhaps Bungie, too?

ginsunuva2830d ago

Valve is kinda taking a back seat these days.

Bungie's extremely solid but they're not as great as they were during Halo 1/2.

ND, R*, Kojima Productions.. yeah only those three come to mind when I think of the best of the best.

Regis2830d ago

Wait for Destiny I'm waiting for the 200-300 Collectors Edition, heck if they come out with a Destiny Console I'm buying it with the collectors edition.

Ezz20132830d ago

can't say it better than you @ginsunuva

DeadlyFire2830d ago

Maybe CD Projekt RED? The next amazing RPG developer to replace Bioware's crown? They used to hold. :)

Not many others come to mind. Funny thing is that most of those devs projects take 2-3+ years before they get launched. Which is a big plus with relaxed development time to get everything running right and polished.

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