Tecmo Koei to Internationally Release Latest Atelier Game

Tecmo Koei have confirmed that the Atelier series will continue to live on internationally.

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dark-kyon2829d ago

thanks godness,now bring this game dual audio and take my money tecmo koei.

fsfsxii2829d ago

I've been wanting to get into the whole Atelier series, is there some kinda story that i should follow??

dark-kyon2829d ago

nope,every game is playable for himself,but give more value knowing the returning characters of previus games.
begin with atelier totori,if you like atelier meruru is not better in story but in gameplay is better.the problem with these games is what the dub is only 50% of voice if you compare to the japanese track,for that playing in japanese is vital.also look for a faq to know the basic and advanced of alchimia what is vital to have chances to get the good endings.

izumo_lee2829d ago

I absolutely loved Ayesha cause of its more lenient time management. It is really good to know that Tecmo Koei is releasing the new one Escha & Logy, i will support it without hesitation.

AllBlue2829d ago

Damn i wish they could bring back the old battle system they had in the Atelier Iris

Chaos_Raiden2828d ago

Awesome. I really hope Atelier Escha & Logy will be released in English next year.