Konami ID servers blown to smithereens?

It seems like the servers at said goodbye earlier today. The awaited Metal Gear Online BETA was released in North America today, and is going to be released in Europe tomorrow. To take part of the MGO BETA you need to sign up with a special Konami ID, but a ton of gamers are finding this quite hard to do, since the servers were blown to the smithereens earlier today. Maybe Metal Gear's popularity exceeded Konami's expectations? To all you gamers out there, keep signing in. Traffic will probably be reduced by tomorrow!

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Breakfast3841d ago (Edited 3841d ago )

lol..."smithereens", i havent used that word in a while.

@ Below

Hahaha...every time i read it, i laugh. I used that word as a kid sometimes.

Good luck with your post and thanks for contributing. :)

Cernunnos3841d ago

I was gonna use "hell" but I thought it was a bit informal:p. My first news story on n4g! :D

sonarus3841d ago

lol nice. Hopefully it doesn't come back and they go back to using psn id for authentication:) i doubt it though:(.

ThatArtGuy3841d ago

Are they smaller than a smither? And what exactly is a smither?


Sir Ken Kutaragi 13840d ago

Sounds like a Job for SNAAAAAAAAAAAAKE! ;-D

dragunrising3840d ago

Thinking it will be a few days before most people are able to get in. I hope not.

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gamesR4fun3841d ago

true this not finished the update here yet (been 3 hours dl'ing lol)
but some of my clan m8's are reporting the site keeps crashing when they try to register.

Cernunnos3841d ago

I've been trying to register my ID all day. No luck:(

ProperFunked3840d ago

No luck what so ever. just trying to pull the site up takes about 5mins. dont even ask about registering....*crying*

niall773841d ago


yes I know.. origonal

Cernunnos3841d ago

Wish I had thought about doing it as soon as you did.
Gonna see a TON of MGS nick names on MGO I guess:p
Ocelot_111 etc.

Sugaruby333841d ago

i would of had one also but i didn't like my game id so i deleted it, to make a new one, not knowing that THIS CRAP would be going on today

Spinner3841d ago (Edited 3841d ago )

If you see someone named "xbox360sucks"

That's me.


Btw, I have an extra beta key - I'm offering it to a friend right now, because he has the 9 digit key, but he's gonna try and get a 12 digit key from Konami..

If he doesn't need it, I'll give it someone on here...

tweaker3841d ago

That sign up process is a joke. We should be able to use our existing PSN ID. I really hope Konami is listening.

AlterEgo3841d ago

supposedly its only for the beta.

not for the final build.

Adamalicious3841d ago

I hope so - because the way it is now is RIDONKULOUS! :)

ktr3841d ago

The issue is that Konami ID services are all in Japan, so all the users around the world are connecting to a single host. Hopefully when MGS4 comes out, Konami will split their services to each region accordingly.

Hatchetforce3841d ago (Edited 3841d ago )

Konami also has servers in the US and Europe. No one, and this inlcudes Konami and Sony, were prepared for the incredible demand for this title. Remember, servers crashing now is a good thing. It makes sure they are not like some other services that die on the launch of a major title. COD4 anyone?

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