Ryse: Son Of Rome (XBOXONE) - Behind the scene

Video: Ryse: Son Of Rome (XBOXONE) - Behind the scene.

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CaptainofCrush3042d ago

ONce again Crytek have Rysen the bar.

aCasualGamer3042d ago

You're avatar is my favorite action movie scene of all time, respect to you my friend.

On topic, this game looks phenomenal and i'll say this again... i wish it was coming out to PS4 =(

Any chance this is a timed exclusive only?

Bigpappy3042d ago

Man, I can't wait for a taste of the single player. I am hoping for at least 20hrs of gameplay. And I want the story to make me angry and to hate the barbarians.

Top notch voice acting right there.

BallsEye3042d ago

Isn't that a videodoc from june?

BallsEye3042d ago

the hell with disagrees? Loving the video doc but it's 2 months old...

GmIsOnPt3603042d ago

Love the vidoc but the game has slowly lost orginality, it because more about tech and facial animations than gameplay it seems. EVERY fight can end with QTE type event, EVERY fight is skewed to do so in order to maximize rewards points,health etc. Keep hoping newer or later gameplay vid will prove me wrong. there are NO combos just slash block parry, execution. will make game stale if not done PERFECT. we shall see though. visually stunning


I agree....only time will tell what this game becomes.

RiPPn3042d ago

Not to mention it's only 900p 30fps. The whole thing is a dumpster fire.

Gozer3042d ago

Ryse is easily the best looking next-gen title so far, for either platform. You are just butthurt that it turns out the X1 isn't as weak as you sony fanatics wish it was.

RiPPn3042d ago

@Gozer: Your post is wrong on so many levels. But if it makes you feel better to believe that nonsense, by all means..


lol....I don't even think that your eyeballs would be able to tell the difference between 900p and 1080p...quit the crap.

Pixel_Enemy3042d ago

Ryse - QTE events where you are surrounded by 5 guys, you go to attack one and the other 4 stand there patiently waiting for you to finish so they can get back to attacking you. AI at it's finest...

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bligmerk3042d ago

3 months old, LOL! This is about the PC version. Forget about the 900p, play it at 2.5K and 60+ fps.