Checking Out The PS Vita TV | Kotaku

Kotaku: "The PS Vita TV seems kind of confusing if you try to wrap your head around it: So, it's a PS Vita, but it's not really portable? And it doesn't have a screen? You hook it up to your TV? You need a separate controller?"

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My_Outer_Heaven2832d ago (Edited 2832d ago )

A cool device that should compliment the PS4 and Vita but it should really be black not white to match the PS4's colour scheme.

UltimateMaster2832d ago

Nah, White is a good color.
They should make 2 different models.
The current one 99$ 1Gb white.
A second one, 149$, bigger built-in memory. (Not Memory Card)

Brix902832d ago

The last video in the article had a black PS Vita TV. I assume when they launch in US it will be black.

josephayal2832d ago

I’d buy one in a heart beat

Double_O_Revan2832d ago

Day one for sure. And if they don't announce a US release soon, I'll import it straight from Japan.

I love the idea of this thing, especially the PS4 remote play. So basically I'd only need to buy one PS4 and Vita TV, instead of 2 PS4s. $300 savings!