New high-res images of Live Anywhere game Shadowrun

The first ever game that is gonna use Microsoft's new online network Live Anywhere, will be Shadowrun. Via Live Anywhere, it is possible for PC and Xbox 360 gamers to play against eachother. What better we to test the network with a good, solid first-person-shooter. Today, that game Shadowrun, shows off some new high-res images. Check 'em out below.

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rj814466d ago

Is it just me or are these pics craptacular?

Sphinx4466d ago

it's hard to tell without it being in motion.

Antan4466d ago

defo stinking the joint out!

kmis874466d ago

Shouldn't he be relentlessly bashing and expressing his disapointment in this game because of these underwhelming screenshots?

Maybe he has a double standard for 360 games? How could that be?

Anyways, there's still time for this to improve, and I bet it's got to be hard to make a game that will work equally as well between consoles and pc's. It's quite the endeavor, hope they pull it off.

rj814466d ago

It's a while before this game comes out so there is time for improvement. I'm just surprised that given its budget and the franchise history they aren't further along.

Donkey Slayer4466d ago (Edited 4466d ago )

He only trashes PS3 games for not looking like CGI, yet he doesn't trash xbox360's games for not living up to the CGI shown. Others have said it best "he isn't top gamer he's top MS fanboy at this site" I agree, #1 MS sheep here.

I am curious as to how the game will player. Will something like this help put a mouse/keyboard usage for xbox360 games. I just imagine the PC gamers dominating over all with mouse keyboard control. That said I'm a console gamer primarily.

Dlacy13g4466d ago

I read a while back on this game and the dev said they were tweaking controls to balance the game a bit from PC vs Console. They also reported that they were not seeing any early on advantage of PC vs Console in game. I believe they said the use of magic really does help to balance out things but I am not 100% sure on their exact words. IF I find the link I will post. Either way...this is a very cool concept. I see Racer games and simulation games like a Mechwarrior being very appealing to this cross platform idea too.

power of Green 4466d ago

These pics look lots better than the video i downloaded from live if you can't see this games shaping up that's too bad.

power of Green 4466d ago

I see PS3 fans are comming out of the wood-work. not a good day for PS3 fans to be on this site. I guess you got to work with what you got. Hate on, hate on.

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The story is too old to be commented.