Major Shooter Studios Helped Sony Settle on DualShock 4's Design

In a conversation with IGN, Mark Cerny, the man who spearheaded the PlayStation 4 project for Sony, talked about the sheer number of controller types Sony tested during PS4’s development, and how some big studios helped them settle on the final design.

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MultiConsoleGamer2521d ago

They should have told them to move the left stick.

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pyramidshead2521d ago (Edited 2521d ago )

I think you'll find it's more of a preference than a necessity. Been through Ps1, 2 and 3 without any problems with the stick layout. I'm sure many others have similar views. I think the whole of the DS3 design was particularly uncomfortable for some which resulted it in getting some pretty harsh reviews. But the DS4 hasn't changed the traditional stick layout and it's getting some great feedback.

Drekken2521d ago

NO. I would be so pissed if they did that. Not everyone likes their thumb jammed into their hand to control the cursor. I think where they have the left analog stick is perfect.

Brix902521d ago

Yeah because everyone prefers playing with that controller style(sarcasm)....If it means that much buy a 3rd party controller or wait for xbox controller adapter.

Magicite2521d ago

Im using dualshock 3 for my PS3 and X360 gamepad for PC games. Both are awesome, no complains at all, yet I dont play FPS games with gamepads, so maybe thats that..

DigitalAnalog2520d ago (Edited 2520d ago )

@MCG, Funatic1

" “It was extremely helpful to have the designers of some of the top FPSes on our controller design project,” Cerny concluded."

So the developers from the "top-selling" FPS (not so hard to pin-point **hint: they're both working for Activision) who helped designed the controller somehow have a worse perception of advising than you? Your fanboyism is so unreal.

MultiConsoleGamer2520d ago (Edited 2520d ago )

If they were working with Activision the would have said "Activision." Fact remains "top developers" is just a ploy. It's probably the people who made killzone and resistance, and neither series is very strong. This is also a marketing ploy because the hardcore FPS crowd prefers the 360 style sbslog jay out fit obvious reasons I have already mentioned.

Fact: when Sony first revealed the original playstation controller it had no analog sticks.

Fact: when Nintendo revealed the N64 controller Sony quickly followed their lead and stuck two analog sticks on the existing playstation controlle just a few months later, putting them wherever they would fit on the current design. Ergonomics were not a consideration. We have paid for this lazy thinking for over 15 years.

Fact: there are literally dozens of 360 style 3rd party controllers for the ps3.

Fact: symmetry has no connection with brain function, off center analog sticks are less accurate and bad for your hands.

Finally for those of you who asked about the right analog stick, look at the Wii U pro controller design.

Also, the buttons are often used more than the right analog. This is why they are in the "primary " or forward position. All facts here kids.

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ThatCanadianGuy5142521d ago

But that would be stupid.My left thumb is parallel to my right thumb, not up and to the left.

MultiConsoleGamer2521d ago

The position of the left stick forces your thumb to move outside of its normal range of movement.

Saturn 3D, Dreamcast, GCN, WaveBird, Xbox Duke, Xbox S, 360, X1, Wii U Pro Controller, and many PC controllers all have their left stick in the forward position. This is in line with the bones in your hands, it's more precise and better for your hands because it keeps things in the natural range of movement for your thumbs.

It doesn't really matter though, someone will release a third party controller with the proper stick layout and people will be able to choose what they like best.

Emilio_Estevez2521d ago

I'd have to agree with DayZ here, my hands are symmetrical so I prefer the even sticks.

If what your saying is true then why aren't both sticks up top? Serious question, maybe I'm missing something.

Gamingcapacity2521d ago

lol EE mirrored exactly what I was thinking.

Drekken2521d ago

You are so full of it. The left stick on the 360 controller is uncomfortable for me.

CGI-Quality2521d ago

Sorry, bud, the thumbsticks have never been Dualshock weaknesses. I'm glad they realized that.

OT: Interesting, so maybe we'll see more 3rd party shooters taking advantage of it.

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LordNikon2521d ago

There's nothing wrong with either placement. Its just preference. Though i prefer the PS controller. Mostly because I've been using it since the first PS console.

Xsilver2521d ago

i prefer because it works for fighting games too and its perfectly symmetrical.

ElementX2521d ago

But I thought Playstation wasn't a shooter console?

Angeljuice2521d ago

It's simply the best at everything!

ElementX2521d ago

I know I was joking because everybody says Xbox is for shooters and now the PS4 controller was chosen by shooter developers.

DigitalAnalog2520d ago

Well we're now seeing a lot of the previous xbox owners converting to the PS4 so there might be some truth to that.

5h4h4b2521d ago (Edited 2521d ago )

DS4 is definitely appearing much better controller than DS3. Good job sony. Keep doing improvements.

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