Saints Row patch finaly coming on Oct. 31

The longawaited Saints Row patch is finaly coming online tommorow. Volition announced a patch soon after it's release in late August. Now, one month later, the patch is finaly finished and it containts numorous fixes and improvements. Check the list of features for the patch via the link below.

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devv054466d ago

about time, but with all new games this and next month I think it's actually a little too late...

shikwan4466d ago

Now maybe I'll get some play outta this game. BTW I don't think I've ever seen a game that had sooo many issues that had to be addressed in a patch. I think this was more fixes to this game than the Fall XBL Update!

Balance4466d ago

the XBL update is enhancements features. but yeah i agree about all the games coming this month. if the patch comes today though i can play some more saints row MP for a week until GOW arrives.

THWIP4466d ago

...that's fatally wounded. It's a crap game, that was delayed for 9 months for NO APPARENT REASON, because it still looks/plays like the same sh*tty game we all saw at E3 2005.

THQ/Volition should've made a next-gen Red Faction that didn't suck, like RF2.

Scrooge4466d ago

You shouldn't be so grumpy over this game, it was good and I'm still enjoying it.


you are nuts, this game is awesome

OutLaw4466d ago

I have the game and you're way off with your description of how bad the game is.

To me Saints Row is one of the better games that has come out for the 360 and I can't see your point with the comment you've made.

richie007bond4466d ago

saints row is awesome,ive had loads of fun playing this game it may not be a AAA title buts its worth the money AND THE GAMEPLAYS FANTASTIC, AMAZING..

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