New Trailer (TGS): Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD for PS3, PS Vita Coming This Winter

Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster is officially launching this winter. The team has been hard at work making this beloved game even more beautiful than before, so we’re thrilled with the progress so far. While you wait, check out our latest trailer, which we debuted at Tokyo Game Show this week.

Also don’t forget that pre-ordering will score you a free upgrade to a Limited Edition art book package, which contains several pieces of original concept art from the early development phases of Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy X-2 more than ten years ago. We’ve also gathered quotes and commentary from several of the original development team members, including a special message to you, the fans, from Producer Yoshinori Kitase!

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lieutenantripley2041d ago

The quality of this remaster really shines through in this trailer. It's looking and sounding more and more like a PS3-era title, especially with the rearranged track. I can't help but feel like playing this version will feel like a fresh experience, even though I've played through the PS2 version countless times.

Nerdmaster2041d ago

It's certainly prettier, but I still didn't see anything that justifies all the time they're taking to release it. Even though I really don't like Zelda, the new Wind Waker HD edition is the only "HD Remaster" that doesn't seem like a cash-grab.

prodg522041d ago

I never got to play X and X2 so I'll be picking these up for Vita :)

Tiqila2041d ago

X is one of my favorite games, but I stopped playing X2 after 2-4hours

Fishermenofwar2041d ago

Same here...I love X..Anima was the sickest Aeon...X-2 not so much..

Game4life2041d ago

Final fantasy X is my favorite final fantasy next to 4

GrandpaSnake2041d ago

FFX was super engaging the story is awesome too.