Ace Combat Infinity Gets a New Trailer and Screenshots, Shows the Ulysses Disaster and Stonehenge

Namco Bandai just released a new trailer and a batch of screenshots of the upcoming PS3 free to play air combat game Ace Combat Infinity.

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Godmars2902044d ago

Its F2P. Something MS doesn't allow on the Xbox.

sickamore2044d ago

Oh well not getting this game since its not coming to PS4 anyway after seeing how BF3 and BF4 uses planes I can't see why no new innovation from Bandai.

arronax-12044d ago

Please. The story alone from AC04 is superior in comparison to that generic, oscar-mike story that those FPSes go for.

Gabrielgt2044d ago

online only ? mmmmmmmmm no story free to play.

Inception2044d ago

Nope, it's not online only. There's story mode for Infinity. Here's the synopsis:

"In 1999, a large meteor enters Earth's atmosphere and separates into multiple pieces that strike the planet across various continents, leaving behind numerous craters, extensive damage, and residual dust in the atmosphere. In the year 2019, conflict breaks out between unknown forces across the planet, including locations such as Tokyo and a fictional zone in Russia named Iyuli. A superweapon named Stonehenge is also thrown into the mix, along with laser weaponry and a weapon similar in effect to ballistic missiles."

And Namco already said that you can finish the story without spend a single penny for this game.

jerethdagryphon2044d ago

because ace combat fans dont want inovation its why we haated ace combat assault horizon

Simco8762044d ago

Man this sounds like Sarcasm but it's actually true for me. I didn't like assault horizon at all, and if it's anything like that...pass. I'm sure, Free to play turns into...these planes are locked until you buy or these stages are locked until you pay...

Ace Combat ended with Zero

Inception2044d ago

Namco already said that you can finish the story mode in Infinity without spend a single dime. And you can watch the trailer that it's far from Assault Horrizon (no DFM / QTE crap).

jerethdagryphon2044d ago

wasnt meant to be sarcasm its true , ace fans hates dog fight mode, we hate the real world setting and we hated the amerkan wins story line, this is a stap in the right direction

if its not pay to win if it a simple mp free to play game as an apology then awesome otherwise give us a ace commbat colection

arronax-12044d ago

So you call that CODified game innovation? And i'm not just simply saying that, they actually admitted that they were trying to get the COD crowd into Assphault Whore-risen.

jerethdagryphon2043d ago

you have the name wrong round these parts its,
ace combat ass hor.