Sony needs a home run with the PS3

The stakes are high for Sony in the delayed launch of the PS3. They may be even higher for its ultra-cool ad agency, says Fortune's Devin Leonard.

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THWIP4460d ago

...when you've already struck out. :|

Arkham4460d ago (Edited 4460d ago )

At least they were able to step up to the plate wearing all the proper equipment.

MS Bat: $200
MS Batting Helmet & Shoes: Premium Bundle only
MS Jockstrap: ~$90 (Coming in Spring - Cup extra)

;) Oh hush. JK.

eques judicii4460d ago

arkham... i think you took the analogy a little too far... i don't get it

note: not disagreeing... because... well... i don't get it ;-)

Arkham4460d ago (Edited 4460d ago )

I was just poking fun at the silly trend of using sports analogies. :) You can use them to illustrate pretty much any point, e.g. Sony, fully equipped; MS, equipment extra.

eques judicii4460d ago (Edited 4460d ago )

its too dark and creepy... its like they are saying, we'll let nintendo and microsoft have all the fun loving gamers, we want only the hardcore gamers...

Personally, I play both types of games, hardcore and, well, softcore? anyways, I like my console to be solace from the hardcore game.. when I got done playing condemmed it was nice to return to the bright dashboard and sigh some relief... ps3 just scares me... and the commercials don't make me want to pick on up.

THWIP4460d ago

Why are we discussing porn? :D

Marriot VP4460d ago

thwip has obviously just hit puberty or something

Antan4460d ago

Stoopid dumb ass adverts!!! friggin advertizing something the absolute vast majority of punters just cannot buy!!!!!!!!!! can i have one mam? no.........there are none for sale!! and for how long mummy????????????............. .....................SSSMMMAAAC CCKKK!!!!!!!

andy capps4460d ago

These ads are great, except for the baby one, that's just a little odd. It's definitely unforgettable, and I guess that's what they're going for. But it makes sense that they're good, it's the same group that does Apple's ads. I'm not an Apple guy, but they do have some great ads.

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The story is too old to be commented.