The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD Review | Nintendo World Report

Nintendo World Report: "Wind Waker HD is an excellent remake of an awesome game."

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D_RoyJenkins2041d ago

Lol I didn't read the review but I see the score and the name of the site and I just laughed

deafdani2041d ago

Of course a Nintendo site will usually be biased in favor of Nintendo games. Same goes for Sony and Microsoft sites.

That isn't necessarily bad, though. There's a market audience for such websites, and they tend to be the most passionate fans of each brand. So there's a good chance that the Ninty fans that frequent Ninty websites will generally agree with the sentiments of said websites' staff.

AbortMission2041d ago

The game is trash for a Zelda game. Even if it's milking, I would have bought a Twilight Princess HD version and would have waited for Wii u's to drop to under $200 to play it.

PopRocks3592041d ago

Have you ever even played Wind Waker? Or are you one of those dude-bro gamers who hated it for its art style?

D_RoyJenkins2041d ago

@pops yes because you have to be dude-bro if you didn't like Wind Waker's art style. Love that Nintendo fan logic

AbortMission2041d ago

Lol, exactly @ D_RoyJenkins. Just look at the pathetic excuses they make up.

Apparently I'm a "dudebro" for preferring Twilight Princess to that of an overrated, so called "Zelda" game Lmao.

AbortMission2040d ago

The irony when you have two bubbles Lol. Drones are at it again

deafdani2039d ago

Just because YOU didn't like Wind Waker, doesn't mean it's trash.

I, for one, couldn't be happier that Nintendo chose this game for their first HD remake.


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andrewer2041d ago

I feel like playing this game more and more, never played the original so I think it will be a great experience. All those GTA V perfect scores and yet Wind Waker perfect score makes more sense to me haha