IGN Wii Interface Video

The IGN video of Matt showing the Wii Interface.

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death monk4466d ago

I saw this yesterday and it looks really cool. I'll definitely be happy to play this once my friend gets one. I'll go from sewing people back together in Trauma Center to sawing people apart in Gears of War. It's a good time to be a gamer.

God of Gaming4466d ago

Looks... blah.... its effective but not pretty to look at.

death monk4466d ago

Once I see all the Wii channels working at once I might just agree with you. It may end up looking really unorganized once all of that is on screen.

Arkham4466d ago

Disappointing. The interface looks too much like one of those dedicated Fisher Price educational TV games. What's with the Mickey Mouse hand pointer?

Arkham4466d ago (Edited 4466d ago )

Don't get me wrong, it looks good from a usability standpoint, and appropriate to their mass-appeal direction, but I was hoping for something a bit less kiddie and more in line with the cool aesthetics of the unit design.

rigo924466d ago

Actually, I quite like it, looks complete enough, looks clean, like the ds interface but with a pointer and a button to click. Thank you nintendo for the wpa encryption.

Sphinx4466d ago

... you can easily see the number on the hand, and therefore tell what player is pointing at what... I'm sure they'll eventually have some way to customize your pointer.
I like the simplicity of it, it took me a little while to figure out how to use the 360 dashboard, so this will be uber easy for my wife.

ChickeyCantor4466d ago

would be cool though if we could download skins and such.....

dont get me wrong but
"so this will be uber easy for my wife."
isnt that kinda insulting cozz she is a woman?.....
again....dont get me wrong....i just picked it up on a wrong vibe

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