UGO: Okami Wii Review

UGO writes: "Okami kicked ass on the PS2. Incredible graphics, facinating world, fun, memorable characters and very unique gameplay. It did, however, have the unfortunate luck of being on the PS2. Not a bad platform, by any stretch, but clearly not a platform designed to handle a game with extensive amounts of drawing. If only there was a console that featured some sort of pointing device, allowing you to draw Okami's mystical shapes with ease... hmm...

Oh right, the Wii! Since Okami first dropped, people have been thinking how much of a good fit it would be for the Wii. So, teaming up with PSP masters Ready at Dawn, Capcom commissioned a Wii port of the game, complete with Wiimote drawing, motion controls and improved graphics. The end result is a game that is definitely a step above the original release, making it well worth your time."

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