5 amazing things I’ve done in Grand Theft Auto 5 (so far…)

Some of these moments happened organically because after all, part of the GTA franchise's appeal is the open-ended nature of its world and missions. Other parts of the game discussed are directly linked to its core story and mission structure.

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pat_11_52044d ago

There's still so much more to discover in this game. I don't think I've ever played a video with this much to do in it before.

Einhert2044d ago

I would wager San Andreas had more to do in it, this has far more polish though.

2044d ago
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pat_11_52044d ago

It's a great game, I was just disappointed with its visuals.

SnakePlissken2044d ago (Edited 2044d ago )

Wait a minute, you can't possibly be referring to GTA 5 visuals? They are some of the best visuals this generation and have absolutely pushed the consoles beyond their Limit! People made a big deal about TLOU graphics, that is nothing compared to GTA 5!!! What a firkin amazing game!

Audiggity2044d ago

I mean, if you're comparing it to PC, sure... I'd love this on PC.

But, that's like wanting your used Honda Accord to outperform a Nissan GT-R...

In this particular case, Rockstar most definitely added a turbo to that Honda. There is nothing else from the current generation that can even remotely compare to GTA V.

ion6662044d ago

can you be a ambulance driver in this game?.

breakdancepants2044d ago

How did I know this list was going to start with high dirtbiking?

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The story is too old to be commented.