How did they get away with that?

Consumers often have to wade through the strange decisions made by video game companies. Sometimes it’s the quirks of the hardware that baffle the mind, sometimes it’s our own consumer behaviour. Often we’ll turn a blind eye to the most horrendous design or business choices just because of our desire to get our hands on the next big (or small) thing.

We look at some examples, old and new, and ask just how did they get away with that?

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xHeavYx2041d ago

I think they forgot to include the $600 price tag for the PS3, but I guess it was way cheaper than most Blu-Ray players at the time. I loled at the Xbox Reveal one

mewhy322041d ago

"The Xbox One Reveal

How did they get away with that? Oh, they didn’t."
Copy paste from article.

SolidDuck2041d ago (Edited 2041d ago )

Ya that's the thing, I think people forget how expensive blu ray players were when the ps3 came out. Even if u wanted just a blu ray player, ps3 was the cheapest and one of the best out at the time. Especially the 20 gig model at 499.

RinkyDinkyDan2041d ago

True, it's easy to forget that now. Maybe the 360s HD DVD peripheral could have gone in!

RinkyDinkyDan2041d ago

Oh good point! Obvious miss. :)