UGO: Guitar Hero Aerosmith Preview

UGO writes: "As the market for rhythm-based video games grows increasingly crowded, O.G. Guitar Hero must separate itself from the increasingly derivative pack. Rather than broaden the series' focus, the development team at Neversoft and publisher Activision have chosen to reach for a hardcore community of a different stripe with their next effort: Aerosmith fans. Guitar Hero: Aerosmith offers all of the gameplay options from the series' most recent update but places the focus instead on a single band, the places they've been and the music that's influenced them.

Gaming in the Attic with Guitar Hero: Aerosmith

Playing through the highlights of the band's career is central to the experience in <em>Guitar Hero: Aerosmith. The story-based Career mode offers an abbreviated crash course in Aerosmith history while letting players dig into their greatest hits and deepest cuts. All of the solo and online options available in Guitar Hero III are included here as well, but the real star of this package is being able to relive the high points of the band's successful career."

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I'm glad i bought a PS3 because it is better

will113838d ago

im glad the ps3 is all-around better than the crappy 360