Are Games the new MTV?

Game composer Mark Canham believes that games now have the power to break new bands.

Mark Canham, co-founder of Nimrod Productions--based in Oxfordshire in the UK--spoke at Nottingham's GameCity event on how the industry shouldn't shy away from taking risks on new artists for its soundtracks. In fact, he said, it should consider that its responsibility.

Canham has worked on the musical compositions for games such as Getaway: Black Monday, Driver: Parallel Lines, Heavenly Sword, Act of War, and Reservoir Dogs amongst others.

The industry needs to be more adventurous when it makes up soundtracks for its games, Canham believes, attesting that this is something he personally tries hard to do. He said: "Games are quite guilty of placing obvious choices in their licensing. It's such a shame you don't seem to have the support to make brave decisions. Game producers seem to think a game doesn't have a soundtrack unless they have bands like The Killers in it... Or, bizarrely, Limp Bizkit. I'm always getting asked why we don't have that 'Rollin'' song [on the soundtrack]. But I'm really keen to promote new bands and I think the game industry can do a lot for new artists."

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