Song-opinion: Is Nintendo doomed?

Plenty of opinion pieces have been written about the future of Nintendo. But we have a music video. "Is Nintendo Doomed" is the work of freelance contributor Jonathan Mann, a self-proclaimed Nintendo fanboy.

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XboxFun1855d ago

Nice, this is what N4G has been missing these past couple of weeks. The heavy influx of so and so is doomed articles.

With MS not selling off Xbox I bet it was sad for a certain individual to not spam N4G with MS/Xbox is doomed articles left and right.

All the consoles will have their high points. I can't wait to see more from the new Mario Kart and X.

rambi801855d ago (Edited 1855d ago )

Awesome vid...need more fanboy like this.

The 3ds will keep ninty going...but they need to drop that wiiU tablet and hit $200 to stand a chance in the home console arena

EliteGameKnight1855d ago

...wait, is that a no to the video's oppinion or a no to Nintendo being doomed?

kirbyu1855d ago

No to Nintendo being doomed.

LOL_WUT1855d ago

Not necessarily Nintendo but the Wii U on the other hand isn't looking so hot ;)

andrewer1855d ago

Poor Nintendo. Gamers nowadays just think its crap without looking at its essence. Not only that, but Nintendo is the only one among Sony and Microsoft that lives from games. Sony has a strong support from the technology stuff, and Microsoft, heck do I even need to say Windows? Yet the 3 are still running the competition like crazy, Nintendo is keeping it up ONLY with the games, so don't you guys think its time to end this bs and start playing so you get how it feels?
BTW, cool video.

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