Nolan North: “Still no Word on Uncharted. Fingers Crossed, But I Still Don’t Know About That”

Following up his previous interview where he talked about the PlayStation 4, Nolan North is back again, giving out huge news in the form of him having just wrapped a few episodes (on camera) of Pretty Little Liars. - PSLS

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Abash2040d ago

Yeah sorry Nolan, I'm still expecting to see Uncharted 4 premier at the Spike's VGAs in a few months.

TrendyGamers2040d ago

Same here. It'd be too early for the next God of War and Uncharted 4 would make everyone want a PS4 even more at that point.

Blaze9292040d ago (Edited 2040d ago )

lol you calling him a liar o_O? He said he doesn't know about a new Uncharted game and on top of what he said back in July, sounds pretty legit to me.

You'd think the voice actor of the main character would know if he was in a game or not - even if he couldn't talk about it.

So if it wasn't a new Uncharted he saw I wonder what game it was and from who. He's in so many now adays.


@Idba nah i started reading from "In actual video games news."...because thats what i cared about lol. my bad!

Idba2040d ago

wow ... Didnt you even bother to read the preview of the article?

DeadlyFire2039d ago

Unless. They pulled a Hayter job on him. Axing the voice actor for someone new. Saying lets go with a different actor. Having Drake be like old or something in the PS4 ark of the series with new voices and such. I am a little concerned this could happen, but I don't expect it to really happen. Then again I didn't expect Hayter to not be in MGS5. Although he did make that statement on April fools day. So I am waiting for the game for a final verdict. Knowing the trickery that could exist.

CaptainYesterday2040d ago

I want Naughty Dog to make a game with Nolan North and Troy Baker maybe they could be cops. Wait it's Naughty Dog gotta amp it up okay Troy Baker and Nolan North starring in a game where they play cops investigating some really messed up and bizarre cases...oh and they are also married.

pr0t0typeknuckles2040d ago

They already made a game where theyre both in it,its called the last of us bro,nolan was a main villain in the game.

CaptainYesterday2040d ago

Yeah I know that.. But I meant they would both be playable characters bro..

NukaCola2040d ago


Oh brother. . It would totally go spoiler if I commented that what you just said was sort of mixed up in accuracy.; if you get where I was going with that.

HeyImBen112040d ago

You need an open world for that concept, and ND has no experience in that. So it would be a bad idea.

xHeavYx2040d ago

"I still don’t know about the next Uncharted, BRB, gonna take this motion capture suit off"

mushroomwig2040d ago

That's not too far fetched considering he is in every video game known to man.

NukaCola2040d ago

^^^ Nolan was the voice of the paddles in Pong and the played the sounds of the fire flower fireballs in Super Mario.

GryestOfBluSkies2040d ago

if true, thats fine. as long as naughty dog has something new coming. i dont mind giving a series a break. i would like for them to come back to it for at least one more game tho.

torchic2040d ago

I hope he's being genuine, I want a new IP from Naughty Dog.

Riderz13372040d ago

We already got a new IP from them...Literally like 2 months ago.

CaptainYesterday2040d ago

I think torchic meant a new ip for PS4 :)

torchic2039d ago


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The story is too old to be commented.