Can Take Two Beat The Rap?

We've all know the heat that Take Two took from this particular "Hot" issue but this ruling could open the floodgates for other censorships and lawsuits the like. a ruling issued by a federal judge these parents and anyone who bought the game between the time of its release and July 20th '05 now have a case against Take Two Interactive Software and Rockstar Games.

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willymcd4465d ago

that's the dumbest thing ever, parents like that should be put on a big secluded island full of dumb $hit$ like them selves, and they can make a new retard colony.

khsmooth4465d ago if this ruling is upheld then you'll be seeing lawsuits out the woodworks for any media that may be deemed as harmful influences. The rules of censorship will change dramatically. And before we know it there's going to be somebody telling us what to watch all because parents want to buy M rated games for 12 to 13yr olds and then blame game companies for having a little extra bang for the buck. And the worst part is you have to jump through mad hoops to unlock the content in the first place and it wasn't meant to be in the game structure.