Why Knack is More Next-Gen Than You Might Think

Do yourself a favor and take a closer look at this PS4 launch title.
Knack didn't exactly blow me away when it was introduced earlier this year. Here was one of the very first PlayStation 4 titles to be shown to the public, and rather than display the sort of immediate technical wizardry you might expect from a next-gen game, it just sort of looked like a modern action-platformer. But fast forward to today and I've finally had the chance to spend some quality time with Knack here at Tokyo Game Show. If there's one thought I came away with, it's this: you've got to see this game in person to really appreciate it.

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FRAKISTAN2043d ago

The Devs behind Knack are Highly Experienced

MazzingerZ2043d ago (Edited 2043d ago )

Indeed, expect an old school gaming experience upgraded to today's HW, everybody will find fun in Knack, experienced or kids

Knack is the darkhorse among launch games, personally the 1st game I will play on PS4

It represents pretty much what PS4 is: the return to the roots of gaming, to why we still play games today, if it weren't for loads of PS2 great and fun games I guess had given up gaming a while back.

Knack is next gen, fun and will makes us smile more than once while playing, not just because funny moments but because of gameplay and enemies

hankmoody2043d ago

I've been hearing people on here talking about Knack like it's the best thing since swiss cheese. For what reasons, I couldn't tell you.

Tiqila2043d ago

i havent heard those people, but I also dont get why this game should be so special...

Ketzicorn2043d ago

Maybe their excited to get a creative game from a company known to make multiple great platformers. I'm not saying it's great because I'll reserve judgement untill I play it but it's refreshing that it's more creative than all of the other launch exclusives for next gen systems.

hankmoody2043d ago

Not one disagree? Guess all the PS fans are home from school.

thebudgetgamer2043d ago

You must not be listening well, most of what I have seen is people saying it looks fun and good looking on the other side whowever I hear people trashing it every chance they get.
Selective memory is selective when looking for reasons not to like something.

pr0t0typeknuckles2043d ago

Maybe because its not another generic looking FPS,and its a return to the 3d platformer,and becuase it was pitched as Crash Bandicoot for ps4.

wishingW3L2043d ago

except that is is not even a platformer. It's just a dumbed down beat em up game that plays very much like a God of War game.

That's what every preview says about the game.

BitbyDeath2043d ago

Never read any previews like that. It is a platformer like ratchet and clank, crash, spyro etc

Conzul2043d ago

I'm gonna buy it and play it.
I'm not sure why, but it's happening....

Cuzzo632043d ago

Maybe a change from Halo, Cod, and Killzone makes it special. Something different to play is always shitted on when ots not a Fps or something generic. Not original tho innovative maybe. Im looking forward to it

PurpHerbison2043d ago

Cause everybody is riding the next gen hype horse. If Knack was to be PS3 only, it wouldn't get nearly as much hype and I don't want to hear anything about graphics cause you console guys are gameplay first right?

ShinMaster2043d ago

Are you out of your mind? Most people on N4G like to make fun of Knack because of its looks and play-style.

Now Limbo, that was a bit of an overhyped game ;)

T22043d ago

Personally I dont do family games and have no interest in knack ... But that in no way makes it a bad game ... I dont care about Mario anymore either but im sure they still have great Mario games

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ape0072043d ago

this game along with Donkey Kong Tropical freeze and mario 3D world are going to get back the good ol days

gotta keep an eye on kanck

gedden72043d ago

Ummmm No

Mario 3d (Maybe) and Tropical Freeze will, I can see that but as for Knack... I haven't seen much to help your argument I'm afraid..

Tiqila2043d ago

style is similar to crash bandicoot or ratchet and clank, game has humor is fun and cartoony (kind of)

reminds me alot of the good old days, not?!

besides that, the game first has to prove itself, I am always sceptical. We will see if it can deliver what is promised.

ape0072043d ago (Edited 2043d ago )

yeah DK and Mario are going to be better no doubt, i don't wanna state the obvious but knack looks a bit intriguing

got me??

Ron_Danger2043d ago

You should try The Puppeteer. It brought me back to the old SNES days when platformers started getting clever. The first level gave me flashbacks to the first time I played Donkey Kong Country.

VsAssassin2043d ago

I really hope that with this game, younger gamers get more exposed to innocent gaming - in which they don't have to fire guns, shoot people in the head, participate in team-based multiplayer, or be exposed to early in sexual themes and extreme violence.

Regarding the article, I find it rousing my excitement, primarily because I got a strong picture of the details in this article.

wishingW3L2043d ago

buy em a Wii U and case closed. Because outside of a couple of indies no console has games that can rival the likes of Mario or Donkey Kong.

jahfen832043d ago

If it wasn't for that 60 buck price tag I would pick this up day one. Waiting for a sale or something.

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