Grand Theft Auto 5: Installing Xbox 360 Version to a USB Improves Performance

Gameranx: "Grand Theft Auto 5 installation on a USB improves performance."

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LordMaim2563d ago

Strange the 360 is having this issue. The digital copy of the PS3 version is working fine for me.

PR0X12563d ago

Because you can't install the full game on PS3. On the 360 you can also install disc 2 on the HDD but you are not suppose to do that. So if you keep playing on DVD it's fine but when you install the play disc you have more pop ins.

steve30x2563d ago (Edited 2563d ago )

He said the digital copy which means the full game is on his HDD.

LordMaim2561d ago

Exactly. You'd think that the digital version would be having the same issues, but that isn't the case.

BattleReach2563d ago

Installed it on my 250gb harddrive, havent got any problems yet.

Regis2563d ago

Its mainly collision and texture issues there is a video here somewhere on this site showing what happens.

Animal Mutha 762563d ago

I noticed a bit of pop in the first time i played it when it shows you the beach etc but since then its been fine even at speed.

My retail copy is installed as per R* guidelines on my 250GB 360S

Great game.

kizzle322563d ago (Edited 2563d ago )

I seriously do not see a difference in performance in this video...AT ALL

EDIT: Okay after reading the article and knowing what I am looking for, I do see the little better camera panning in a few of the scenes.

Sethry1012563d ago

I have the install disk installed on a 16gb flash disk already because i have a 4gb Xbox. Would installing the play disk to the same flash disk help or would it be to much trying to process through the usb and just slow it down?

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